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Smart and convenient way to investing through reliable service provider


1 Eur

Minimum sum needed 

863 Eur

The usual size of investor’s portfolio in SEB 


Of all investors in SEB who have invested in stocks

Customer-oriented and responsive bank and very competent employees.

Comment from NPS survey

I like those colourful tools to open a digital coin jar and savings account. It’s very easy.

Comment from NPS survey

Convenient, fast services, reliable, stable bank.

Comment from NPS survey

Get a personalised investment solution in the mobile app 24/7

  • From an idea to a suitable solution in only 15 minutes
  • Invest with as little as 1 Eur
  • Simple process - no previous investment experience is needed

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Investment ABC

If you are new to investing, it could be difficult to understand all the details. So, we created a short guide which will help you to find out more information.

  • Guide on how to get started
  • Ideas on what to look for when choosing where to invest
  • Differences between investing products

If you are new to investing, it could be difficult to understand all the details. So, we created a short guide which will help you to find out more information.

Investing in funds, ETFs, bonds or stocks

Investment funds

  • Preferred for long-term investments
  • Start from just 1 euro
  • Wide selection – various strategy, geography, stock, bond and technology funds

ETFs (Exchange-traded funds)

  • Possibility to trade in securities on various global markets
  • Lower costs and charges than investment funds
  • With this instrument you can quickly respond to market changes, i.e., buy or sell the units when the time or trends are right.

Bonds, debt securities

  • Predictable level of earnings
  • You can sell bonds before their maturity date
  • Fluctuations of the return on investments are lower in comparison to the investment funds


  • Intended for experienced investors
  • Ability to invest directly in various companies
  • You can buy the stocks of the Baltic as well as overseas’ companies on many major stock exchanges

Not sure how to start? Our consultants can help.

  • You can consult online via video meeting
  • Review of your financial situation and needs

When providing investment services, we always comply with Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) and other regulatory requirements.


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  • Investor protection measures required by MiFID and other regulatory requirements
  • Transparency of financial markets
  • Your investments are kept separated from the bank’s balance sheet which means they are protected from bank’s creditors

Keep money for investing separately on an investment account

  • Recommended for transactions with funds, stocks, bonds, and ETFs
  • An opportunity to defer the payment of personal income tax
  • Convenient transparent transactions in various financial instruments

You need a securities account to invest

  • It is used to hold securities and engage in securities transactions
  • Transfer to or receive securities from third parties, i.e., to or from other individuals or companies
  • An opportunity to buy and sell by using the internet bank
  • No fees for opening the intra-bank securities account in the internet bank