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An investment account is a special type of current account which allows to postpone taxation from investment income. It has to be linked to a securities account. Investment account is designed for transactions with funds, stocks, bonds, and ETFs.

A private individual can postpone taxation of investment income by using an investment account. For that purpose, the transactions with financial assets must be made through an investment account only.

When using the investment account, tax liability is due only when the amount withdrawn from the investment account exceeds the contributed amount.

Once a year, we provide our customers an investment account statement, in which we compile information on all transactions in investment account during the tax year. The investment account statement is available in the Securities section of your internet bank.

* For customers who have selected an investment account as a cash account for making contributions using the Robo-Advisor’s ETF portfolio management service, the additionally opened portfolio investment account necessary for the provision of the service will be considered as the sub-account of the investment account. This means that transfers between these accounts will not be considered as a deposit or withdrawal from the investment account. You can learn more on the Robo-Advisor’s section on our website.


  • Recommended for transactions with funds, stocks, bonds, and ETFs.
  • An opportunity to defer personal income tax payments.
  • Conveniently manage investments in various financial instruments.
  • Separate your investment banking from daily banking.


Service Price
Opening, monthly maintenance fee, closing Free of charge

An investment account is suitable for you if:


  • You are not planning to withdraw the investment income immediately, but intend to reinvest it. 
  • You want to freely exchange securities without immediately paying personal income tax on the capital gains.
  • Please note that you will have to declare the investment income at the moment when withdrawals exceed contributions to the investment account.

You do not need an investment account if:


  • You plan to use the investment profit to cover your daily banking needs. 
  • You are using only deposits (savings account, term deposit), and save for your 3rd pension pillar with life insurance.

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