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Solar panels

Funding for improving home energy efficiency

When filling in the application, select the purpose Improving home energy efficiency

Loan amount up to

20 000 EUR

Fixed interest rate


Repayment term up to

7 years

No collateral and no down payment

For what purposes is the funding for improving your home energy efficiency with the special interest rate of 5,9% intended?


We apply a fixed interest rate of 5.9% per annum for the purchase and installation of solar panels or certain heating systems:

  • Purchase and installation of new equipment for generating electricity: Solar panels, wind generators
  • Purchase and installation of equipment for energy efficient heating: heat pump, wood biomass boiler (pellet boiler)

If you are planning other environmentally friendly purchases for purposes that are not listed in this section of our website, please fill in the application to learn about your possibilities to receive a consumer loan with an annual interest rate from 7,9%.

Simple to apply


  • Fill in the application in the internet bank – select purpose Improving home energy efficiency
  • The bank will contact you to clarify the eligibility of your purpose for receiving the funding for increasing your home energy efficiency
  • After a positive decision, sign the agreement in the internet bank
  • The bank has the right to request a document confirming the purchase in order to verify the use of the allocated funds in accordance with the purpose of the loan


Funding for your plans

If you need additional funds for other purposes, take advantage of applying for Consumer loan with annual interest rate starting from 7,9%. 

  • For renovating your home 
  • For buying a car
  • For larger purchases
  • For travelling

Consumer loan calculator

Calculation example:

The monthly payment is 102.04 EUR, assuming that the loan amount is 7000 EUR, the loan agreement lasts for 7 years, the fixed interest rate of 5.9%, the commission fee for processing the loan is 90 EUR, the commission fee for servicing the current account is 1 euro per month. The annual interest rate is 6.89%. Under such conditions, the total amount to be repaid is 8 746.81 EUR. This example is informative. Each customer’s situation is evaluated individually.

A well-considered purchase may be a step towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle

There is no doubt that excessive consumerism has become a major problem relating to climate change and created many negative consequences for the environment. Everything we purchase has an environmental impact, and we strongly encourage conscious consumption: only consider buying a product or service you need and evaluate whether the use of that product or service can contribute towards mitigating climate change.




What SEB offers

  • No collateral and no down payment
  • Loan is transferred to your account immediately after signing the agreement
  • Special terms for purchasing a vehicle

More about the consumer loan

Service Fee
Revision of the application Free of charge
Processing of the loan (% of the granted amount)1 1%, min 90.00 EUR
Repayment of the loan before maturity2 Free of charge
Extending the term of the loan or other changes on the customer's initiative1 30.00 EUR

1 The commission fee must be paid on the day the agreement or amendments are signed.
2  In case of full early repayment of the loan, the customer has the right to a fair reduction of the commission fee paid for issuing the loan. In such case the customer should submit a request to SEB for the recalculation and repayment of the commission fee.

Which loan type is the most suitable for you?

Select the goal you wish to achieve and compare the available financing solutions.