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For corporate banking customers

Our advisory model puts our customers at the heart of all our activities

We act as a partner in sustainable transformation

Innovation at SEB is a creator of value

SEB advisory model

In support of building long-term, rewarding partnerships with our corporate and institutional customers, we've developed an effective approach that underpins all of our relationships.

We call it the SEB Advisory Model and it places advice at the centre of everything we do. Through our dynamic and customer focused teams, we add value to your business by developing in-depth knowledge and insight about your needs.

As our customer, you have access to a team of professionals with extensive experience in financing, risk management, execution & transaction and more. Whether your challenges revolve around your working capital efficiency, capital structure or asset and liability management, we aim to be your partner of choice.

We cover areas such as corporate sustainability, capital structure, corporate ratings advisory, working capital management and treasury best practice.

  • Manage your capital structure in the optimum way
  • Engage in corporate sustainability dialogues, discuss ESG risks and Green financing products

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Your success is the measure of our success

  • Put your trust to a dedicated team of professionals
  • Our customer executives will help you find the right financing solution, tailored to your business needs 

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Sustainability advisory

We strive to make sustainable operations an integral part of our business, so together with our customers we want to create long-term value and be beneficial to the environment and society.

Together closely working we assess both risks and opportunities related to sustainability.

  • How customer is exposed to sustainability linked risks? 
  • What impact regulatory environment will have on the customer’s sector? 
  • How can we help the customer with the transition challenges?

We are committed to understand our customers’ needs in the transition into sustainable businesses and society. Through innovative solutions, our dedicated team helps our customers future-proof their business. 

Projects that meet the criteria of the SEB Group's green bond program, can apply for a green loan. 

Services for corporate customers


Our services are structured around the following asset classes and products: foreign exchange, fixed income, shares, commodities and financial derivatives.

Business financing solutions

Financing is a key issue for our customer. From investment and syndicated loans to short-term working capital financing – everything will be covered by our team of professionals.

Working capital and settlement solutions

The Working capital and settlement solutions unit manages our customers’ securities, provides working capital and cash flows as well as related sales and support services.

Daily banking services

Collecting payments through POS
E-commerce payment solution
Internet Payment Solution (Bank link)
E-invoice (for beneficiary)
Interest rate risk management
Foreign exchange risk management
Cash Pool Consolidation Account
SEB service plans for business