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E-commerce payment collection
service for your online business


Accept your customers payments online

Choose one, two or three customer payment methods to suit your business needs.

Payments with Mastercard and Visa cards
Payments with the largest Baltic internet banks
Payments with PayPal
Payments with Google Pay and Apple Pay

Collect e-store payments confidently.

With our all-in-one solution for business client.

  • Digital wallets  (Google Pay, Apple Pay)
  • Cards  
  • PayPal  
  • Major Baltic banks 

New features in e-commerce solution

We are happy to announce the launch of two new e-commerce solution features:

  • Tokenised Payment Initiation service (PIS) – allows to save customer’s preferences for the open banking payment and store the token to simplify check out process for next purchases. 
  • M4M (Mastercard digital enablement service) – during the first purchase customer’s card data for the payment is saved and stored as a token which is used for all future payments instead of real card data. In this way simplifying check out process, as well, significantly decreasing risk of fraud.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to send us a message at email

How to integrate? 

Choose an option based on your e-shop

E-shop by e-commerce platform

If the e-shop is created using an e-commerce platform (e. g., WooCommerce, OpenCart, Magento2 (Adobe Commerce), PrestaShop, Voog, ShopRoller, or the latest version of, we will provide you with free plug-ins.

Documents needed

Custom-made store

If your store is custom-made, the integration is easy using a standardised application programming interface (API). 

Documents needed

Mobile app shop

If you have an app shop, the integration is done via SDK applications.


Additional benefits


The merchant portal

Monitor your customers’ payment status in real time. See their payment history. Make a refund (if a customer pays by card).



A unique link with payment information for individual or subscription orders is generated. You forward the link to your customer. The payment is made.


Technical support

Via phone and/or e-mail in latvian and english languages. 


Fraud prevention

Fraud prevention solutions for your store. 

How to start collecting payments in your e-shop?

Contact us and receive a personalised offer in 1 working day.  If you want, we will provide you with access to the DEMO version for your store. 
We can sign the agreement online within 1 working day. Technical integration will take 2 to 20 working days.


  1. Fill the application
  2. Sign an agreement with SEB
  3. Integrate payment solution to your e-shop
  4. Start collecting customer’s payments online

Still not sure about the service?

  • Share your needs in order to find the best personal offer for your business
  • Become more competitive with innovative solutions
  • Our client executives will help you find the right solution and guide you through the implementation process

General information for merchants

Merchant's website must meet the following terms and conditions to use the service:

The website offering the goods or services must belong to a company that has concluded an agreement with the bank.

The website should indicate:

  • complete name of the company;
  • registry code;
  • postal address; country of residence;
  • e-mail address;
  • contact phone.
  • Complete list of goods/services – a detailed description of the goods/service; price list (currency for the card transaction);
  • Total cost of the order – postal charges and the fee for determining them will be added; reference to possible additional fees, including the obligation of the person who orders to pay possible customs fees and value-added taxes.
  • Description and terms and conditions of the purchasing process – must be easily found and unambiguous for the customer;
  • Payment methods – all possible payment methods must be listed;
  • The website must clearly display the logos of the accepted cards (Mastercard/Visa) and trademarks (SecureCode, VbV). You can download the correct logos from the EveryPay website.
  • Procedure for handing over / sending the goods;
  • Procedure for forwarding data about the order to the customer;
  • Warranty provisions of the goods; procedure for exchange and return;
  • Phone and e-mail address of customer support and procedure for providing feedback. Phone: local time working hours and time zone (GMT +2); e-mail address: time period in which replies are provided.
  • The merchant undertakes to verify by any means which leaves a written record that the card owner has agreed to the terms and conditions for providing the service and/or the sale of the goods before confirming the transaction.

NB! The entire transaction process must be executed on the website specified in the agreement concluded with the bank. It is prohibited to direct the website to sites not specified in the agreement. It is also prohibited to direct the websites of other sales environments to the website specified in the agreement.

We also ask that you familiarise yourself with the document prepared by the Consumer Protection Board Instructions for a company operating in e-trade (PDF, LAT), which includes instructions for merchants arising from the requirements of the law and good trading practices.

No hidden monthly fees

An offer for companies with e-shop turnover less than 10,000 EUR per month:

Service Fee*
Monthly payment for the service 0,00 EUR
Payment initiation service (payments via internet bank) when choosing fee solution (1) or (2):
(1) changing fee 1,00%
Min. 0,13 EUR
Max. 0,75 EUR
(2) fixed fee 0,40 EUR
Fee for the online transactions by payment cards issued in the European Economic Area Starting from 1,50%
Min. 0,13 EUR
Fee for the online transactions by payment cards issued outside the European Economic Area Starting from 2,50%
Min. 0,13 EUR
Fee per payment in PayPal system 0,10 EUR
Service connection fee 50,00 EUR

* The price is indicative and may vary depending on the company's industry.

Our e-commerce payment service is provided through the bank's partner's payment gateway platform EveryPay. This solution  has been recognised as the best cloud-based payment by The Paytech Awards 2020.

Get in touch with our technical provider at and/or +37125893803 (I–V, 9.00–17:00).

Frequently asked questions

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Other useful information

Payment initiation service will allow you to make a payment directly from account in your account servicing payment service provider if your account is accessible online.

Using payment initiation service, you will need to authenticate yourself by providing personalized security credentials according to terms of your account servicing payment service provider. You will need to consent that your account data (number, name, currency) will be passed to SEB bank to initiate payment.

Payment authorization using strong customer authentication (SCA) mean, provided to you by your credit institution, will be considered as your consent to execute the payment transaction. You are responsible for the consent to the transfer of money. You may not recall your consent given to another payment institution.

SEB bank does not use, access or store any data for purposes other than those necessary to establish a secure connection with your chosen account servicing payment service provider and to provide the payment initiation service. SEB bank also neither stores nor processes your personalized security credentials.

SEB bank does not charge any additional fees for the payment initiation service. Payments fees from your account servicing payment service provider are according to your agreement with certain account servicing payment service provider.

If you are interested in personal data processing, please check SEB’s Privacy Policy.

Payment services ensured by AS “SEB banka” (SEB bank)

Legal entity code: 40003151743
Address: Meistaru iela 1, Valdlauci, Kekavas pagasts, Kekavas novads, LV-1076, Latvia

SEB bank operates under the supervision of Finanšu un kapitāla tirgus komisija

Address: Kungu iela 1, Riga, LV-1050
Phone: 67774800


Interested in collecting payments in-store?

Accept your customers payments by cards and contactless payments in the way that suits your business model.

Master all your sales transactions in one place

Try the new "Merchant Services" section in the renewed internet bank.

  • Access your agreement details fully remotely
  • Comfortable all locations overview through your PC or mobile phone
  • Manage and update statements easily