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Set aside your working capital


Save your money for a certain period of time

  • A traditional and safe way of saving
  • You may deposit funds for a term of 3 to 36 months
  • It is not possible to make additional contributions or withdrawals during the deposit period

Savings deposit

  • Flexible option to set aside spare money
  • The minimum deposit amount is not fixed
  • The term of the deposit is not fixed
  • You can make contributions whenever you want
  • It is possible to set up standing orders from your current account

Overnight interest

  • An agreement that allows you to earn interest on the current account balance if  it reaches the threshold set by us
  • Interest is paid out to your current account on a daily basis 
  • You can use the money in the account for settlements as usual

To conclude an overnight interest agreement, please register for a video meeting, visit an SEB, or approach your contact person in bank.

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