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Small business? We say big potential.

Get daily banking services free for 1 year.

At the moment only customers with prior booking will be served in SEB branches.
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Internet Bank for business


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Focus on your business. We will take care of your banking, no matter how big your company is.

Get special conditions for daily banking services by opening the account of your new company.

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Get beneficial conditions for payment terminals

  • Save on monthly fee for 3 months and get beneficial transaction fee

  • Choose the device that suits your needs –miniPOS, Mobile POS or Stationery POS

  • Get additional service benefits


The special offer is valid for all new POS agreements when concluding the service agreement until June 30, 2022.

Green microloan for business

Up to 20 000 EUR with Altum guarantee for the purchase of:

  • solar panels;
  • electric car charging stations.

It takes time for a business to grow. But you can get financing for development right now.

Apply for investments financing up to 40,000 EUR with an ALTUM guarantee, without collateral and with a reduced rate of 5% if you plan to:

  • enter new markets,        
  • launch new products and services,
  • attract more customers,
  • make investments,
  • invest in working capital.