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Financing for agriculture businesses


Financing for agriculture businesses

Modernization of your farm and land plots acquisition

Financing into and working capital

Equipment and machinery leasing

Reviews of current agricultural machinery

In cooperation with car expert Normunds Avotiņš

Agricultural machinery and equipment leasing

For leasing tractors, combines, forestry or special machinery. Suitable for new and used agricultural machinery.

Financing investments for the farm

Financing for expanding your business and accelerating the development of your farm without using working capital. Buy land, build a warehouse or production premises and aquire fixed assets. Schedule payments up to 20 years.

Financing the working capital

Credit for improving liquidity. Regardless of the season, you will not run out of funds for the purchase of seeds, fodder, fertilizers, fuel or other goods necessary for business activity.

Choosing the Overdraft option, your account is balanced with incoming payments. Learn more about Overdraft


Finance your investment projects, buy assets or upgrade premises with lower interest rate compared to alternative funding options. No need for a commercial pledge or a real estate mortgage and we provide a fast credit application evaluation.

Financing with EU funds

We can assist you with the initial financing of the project supported by European Union, as EU funds will be paid out at the end of the project.

Simple to apply

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After a positive decision, sign the agreement

Cooperation with Altum

In cooperation with Altum we offer the option to get additional collateral (guarantee) to companies that need to increase the access to financing solutions.

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