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Why is there value in employee life insurance?

Life insurance indemnity is paid out in case of death, no matter if death is due to illness or an accident.

Taking care of financial security of employees family
Additional motivation of employees
Better image of the employer
Favourable tax environment

Are you already providing your employees with accident insurance?

If you are already providing your employees with accident insurance, life insurance could be the next step in ensuring the day-to-day safety of your employees. Data* shows that the biggest threat to life and health is circularity system diseases and tumours, rather than accidents.

*Data from data base of The Centre for Disease Prevention and Control of Latvia.

Flexible terms according to your needs:

  • choice of individual insurance covers and amounts
  • insurance period
  • flexible periodicity of insurance premium payments

Insurance cost example

Employee, 30 years old, office work

  • Life insurance – 10000 EUR;
  • Death as a result of an accident –10000 EUR;
  • Disability as a result of an accident – 10000 EUR;
  • Injuries and bone fractures – 10000 EUR.

Price: EUR 4.53 EUR/ per month
The amount of the premium is determined on an individual basis.

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Conclude an agreement

In accordance with the regulations in effect, the company does not have to pay inhabitant income tax and social tax for life insurance without capital accumulation (including accident insurance and health insurance) if insurance does not exceed 10% of employee gross compensation, but not more than EUR 426,86 per year. Besides the company has an option to conclude an agreement for as short as one year.


  • Individually tailored and flexible solutions
  • Exclusive service
  • Valuable expert advice

Saving options

Pension saving

  • saving in 3rd pension pillar
  • owner of funds – employee

The services are offered and provided by SEB Life and Pension Baltic SE (registration number: 40003012938) and AS "SEB atklātais pensiju fonds" (registration number: 40003485047).