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Introducing our new cards

Our payment and credit cards not only offer seamless transactions for your everyday needs, but now also contribute to reducing our environmental impact. By utilising bioplastic made from eco-friendly corn starch, we've replaced 84% of the cards' plastic content, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.

We have revamped the visual design of our cards, drawing inspiration from the unique landscapes of the Nordic region. Additionally, we have introduced a tactile cut-out for most commonly used cards, which assists visually impaired individuals in easily identifying and orienting their cards.

As we gradually roll out the new card designs, rest assured that your current cards will continue to function as usual. As your current card nears the expiration date, you'll automatically receive the updated design.

It‘s all here

Safe contactless payments
Add your card to Apple Pay or Google Pay
Manage your cards in the mobile app or internet bank
Apply remotely and receive your card by post or to Omniva parcel machine in Latvia in a few days

Choose the card that supports your needs

SEB Business card

Mastercard Business Debit card

  • Payments up to 150 euros without entering PIN
  • Internationally recognised payment card
  • Secure online purchases
  • Free of charge when using any of our business service plans, otherwise – 2 euros a month


SEB Business Credit card

Mastercard Business Credit card

  • Free insurance for you and two colleagues when traveling abroad
  • Priority Pass – the opportunity to use business lounges at over 1500 international airports
  • Fast track security check at international airports
  • Support for your business trips – pay for hotels and flight tickets, book rental cars or purchase vignettes and pay the road tax
  • Everyday payments for fuel, taxi, office supplies and business dinners
  • Monthly fee – 5 euros


Temporary card (in case of a card loss)

To block the lost business card, please disable it in your Internet Bank or call SEB helpline + 371 26668777 immediately

We will issue a temporary card for you within a couple of minutes – just visit our bank

With the temporary card, you will be able to withdraw cash from SEB ATMs.

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Contactless payments are proved to be safe

  • Enable or disable contactless payments at any time in the mobile app
  • Without entering PIN, you can pay up to 50 EUR for one purchase and this limit can’t be changed. For additional security, SEB has a total contactless payment limit of 100 EUR, reaching it is necessary to enter a PIN.
  • If you enter a wrong PIN three times consecutively when making a purchase, the card will be automatically blocked for security reasons. You can unblock the card at SEB bank‘s ATMs by entering correct PIN.
  • You can check your PIN in your Internet Bank for private customers

Digital wallets – pay with SEB card in your smart device

  • Apple users can use Apple Pay on supported devices for secure and fast payments in stores, apps and online
  • Garmin and Fitbit users can add cards to smartwatches for contactless payments in stores
  • Add your SEB card to Google Pay via SEB mobile app or Google Wallet and use your Android devices for quick and easy payments
  • Any type of activated Mastercard payment card can be added to Digital wallets 

In case you lost your card

  • Disable your card in the mobile app or Internet Bank, or call us at +371 26668777
  • In case you still can’t find your card, you can order a new one in the Internet Bank for business
  • If you need to make some urgent payments with your card, consider creating a temporary card

More about debit and credit cards

  • You will receive your card in a sealed envelope, which contains information about the PIN. Memorise your PIN and destroy the envelope; do not register the PIN on any data medium. Do not keep it written on a piece of paper together with the card or in your cell phone.
  • Do not reveal the PIN of your card to anyone. When confirming your transactions with the PIN, make sure that nobody can see it.
  • Keep your card in a safe place.
  • Only the person whose name and signature appears on the card may use the card. Do not let anyone, even a close person, to use your card.
  • Always check the amount that you are paying with the card.
  • Tear or destroy the receipts on which your card number appears.
  • Making online purchases, use only the services of safe online shops and service providers.
  • If you enter a wrong PIN three times consecutively when making a purchase, the card will be automatically blocked for security reasons. You will be able to unblock it at any SEB ATM, entering the correct PIN.

Changing the PIN

Using SEB ATMs, you can change the PIN of the card issued by SEB free of charge.

After losing your card, inform us immediately

To block your payment card, you must immediately contact us by calling our 24/7 line + 371 26668777. After your card has been blocked you can order a new card via the internet bank or at SEB service points.

Payment cards via the internet bank

You can use our internet bank to:

  •  Apply for a new card
  • Block the existing card
  • Define the transactions in cards and the limits thereof
  • Get information about the card transactions

Credit card via the internet bank

You can use our internet bank to:

  • Learn the amount of money available
  • Define the types of credit card transactions and the limits thereof
  • Change the credit limit, the repayment date and the account
  • If necessary, transfer funds from the card’s credit limit to the current account

To dispute any card transaction via the internet bank, please open the account statement and select the transaction you would like to dispute. Upon opening the transaction, choose “Dispute the transaction” from the menu.

If you have additional documents about the disputed transaction (such as, receipts, correspondence with the merchant, etc.), please email them to the address or submit them in person at any SEB branch.
If you do not use our internet bank, you may dispute the transaction at any SEB branch.

Application shall be deemed received by us:

  • on the current working day if the application is submitted and received before 16:00;
  • on the next working day if the application is submitted after 16:00.

In case working day is shortened according to the law, the above deadline shall be one hour prior to end of the shortened working day.

Before filling in the claim, the following should be taken into account:

  • If you have a problem with the merchant regarding the ordered goods/services (the received product is damaged; the product/service does not match the ordered one), then the case should first be resolved with the relevant merchant, keeping all the relevant correspondence;
  • If your card data have been registered at an internet merchant providing regular transactions (such as the game environment, antivirus programmes, etc.) that you no longer want to use, you must first unsubscribe from receiving this service in the future, because you may not challenge card transactions before unsubscribing from the service;
  • Hotel or rental car lease transactions can include additional costs that are not shown when making the payment. Before disputing the transaction we encourage you to first resolve the case with the service provider.

By submitting a claims application you agree:

  • To cooperate with the bank in the investigation and submit all necessary documents to the bank, even if the disputed transaction amount has been repaid to your account;
  • If during the investigation the bank repays the amount of the disputed transactions to your account, however, as a result of the investigation it is concluded that the claim is ungrounded, the bank shall have the right to withhold, without giving prior notice, the amount of the contested transaction as well as the commission charge from any of your accounts for the examination of the ungrounded claim in accordance with the bank's service price list.

If the bank has reasonable grounds for suspecting fraud on the part of the account holder or the cardholder, it shall have the right to report its suspicions to the law enforcement and/or supervisory authority.

According to the regulations of the international payment card organizations, the examination of the claims related to card transactions can take up to two months due to the communication with banks and merchants.

The bank will contact you and inform you about the progress of the examination of the claim.

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