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Sponsorship and investments in society

We Engage for Future Generations

Through our sponsorships and community investments we want to support people with an entrepreneurial mindset and help their ideas grow.


The Support for the active ones

By sponsoring and investing in the community, we want to support people with entrepreneurial mindsets and help them develop their ideas. We believe that sustainable business is essential to creating a better world, and that is one of the reasons why entrepreneurs have a special place in our hearts. By focusing our sponsorship and investment in society on three key areas: the environment, inclusion, diversity, and equality, we can contribute to the UN sustainable development goals. We prefer partnerships that we can engage in continuously and on a long-term basis.

  • We do not support natural persons, projects that facilitate social isolation and discrimination, projects that include risk elements, as well as events of a political and religious character.
  • For several years we strictly observe a no gifts policy — we do not provide gifts to our customers and partners. But, by supporting youth and social organisations, we provide our customers with welfare gifts as gratitude for the contribution of a customer, donating behalf of our clients.

We invite to submit applications for sponsorship projects in writing by sending a description of the project in electronic form or by mail to the Marketing Department of SEB banka. We evaluate all received projects based on their conformity with the established criteria, as well as in the context of the existing projects and depending on the available resources. We send a written reply to the submitter, to the e-mail address indicated by them, within two weeks.

Sponsorship project application form

Entrepreneurship and innovation

We wish our customers to be successful in the future as well, but our involvement in the facilitation of business activity has much deeper objectives. By supporting various programmes and projects we help businesses to not only receive the funding, but also – which is even more significant – to acquire the knowledge that might help our customers to develop a growing and thriving society in the future.

We help sustainable ideas grow by creating the inspiration for the Growth Program, eAcademy, Grant Program (ie)dvesma. When we think of entrepreneurs, we understand everyone who promotes diversity, change and new ideas. We support the leadership and entrepreneurship program Future Heroes for girls ages 14 to 17 to unleash their potential and make a positive impact in society. We believe that social entrepreneurship in Latvia has a huge potential, so we help to create and strengthen this industry by creating a Grant Program “Augšup” to support social entrepreneurship ideas.

Social inclusion

Children and youth are our future. Therefore it is significant for us to provide them with the conditions required for the successful commencement of their independent lives. SEB, as a socially responsible bank, constantly supports various social organizations that are involved in solving socially significant problems. By providing for families, we provide for the economy.

SEB supports equal opportunities and contributes to the social integration of children and young people in cooperation with the Latvian Association of SOS Children's Villages, which ensures that children grow up in families. In cooperation with the Vitols Foundation, we are also engaged in the education and professional development of young talents, providing them scholarships.

Financial literacy

We actively share our knowledge, for example, by providing it to young people in the field of financial literacy.

Recognising how important it is to start thinking about personal financial planning, savings and investments during the school years, SEB implements the SEB School Ambassadors Programme, inviting young people to participate in studies and then conduct financial literacy lectures for their peers in their schools.

We cooperate with Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Riga Business School, and Vītolu fonds (Vītols Foundation) in the area of support to sustainable education by providing 50 grants for talented youths every year.


A strong and developed culture is the base of a sustainable society. Already since 2007, we are the biggest Cēsis Art Festival supporter.

We also provide a number of scholarships to Art Academy of Latvia students, helping them develop and improve their professional skills.


Head of Marketing

Diāna Blumate