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2nd pension pillar

The accrual in the 2nd pension pillar is formed as a part of your and your employer's social insurance contributions. Every month, 6% of your gross salary is automatically directed to the savings. No additional payments need to be made. Choose a responsible pension manager and the most suitable investment plan for you.

3rd pension pillar

Voluntary savings in the 3rd pension pillar are a convenient and flexible solution for securing your future. You are free to choose the pension plan, the amount and regularity of contributions, thus creating the most suitable solution for creating the savings. By accumulating pension in the 3rd pension pillar, you will be able to receive tax relief for the contributions made to the savings. You will be able to receive the accumulated capital from the age of 55.

Life insurance with savings for pension

A type of voluntary long-term savings, with different profitability opportunities. Savings for the pension with insurance will provide financial protection for your loved ones and at the same time will help you accumulate capital for your retirement in addition to the state pension. By making savings with life insurance, you will have the opportunity to receive the tax relief. If any unexpected situation occurs and the accumulated money is necessary before the term, you can also terminate the agreement before its expiry date.

Why save for a pension?

In the current pension system, 1st and 2nd pension pillars will provide about half of the current income,* so it is important to start saving in addition to your pension in time to maintain your current standard of living. 
At the same time, life expectancy is increasing, which means that more and more time will be spent in retirement years, thus increasing the role of savings in ensuring financial stability in retirement.
By actively tracking your savings, you can influence how your savings grow in the long run and plan your retirement better.
The sooner you start saving, the less you have to put aside each month to get the results you want.

Your choices – global changes

Have you considered that by choosing pension funds that invest sustainably, your life savings will be making world a better place?

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