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A man and a woman near the car in winter

Vehicle insurance



Of If customers would suggest If Insurance to their family and friends

1-3 days

Quick payout of indemnity – in most cases the decision and cost estimate is approved within 1 to 3 working days

12 months

Split payment without extra costs

Replacement car

It is for the whole duration of repair, if your car is not driveable

MTPL insurance is required for participating in traffic

Insurance is provided by 
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  • We provide not only MTPL, but also MTPL+ policies, that in addition to the damage caused to the health, life and/ or property of third parties also covers direct losses.
  • No requirement to indicate youngest driver and age in the policy.
  • The deductible does not have to be covered if the accident happened in Latvia, the responsible person is known and had MTPL.
Insurance is provided by 
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Choose level of CASCO protection


  • Theft or robbery of the car
  • Road and other accidents
  • Collision with animal
  • Windows damages
  • Fire
  • 24/7 help
  • Full loss
  • Vandalism
  • Passengers' accidental insurance
  • Cars optional equipment
  • Natural disasters



  • All covered risks in Silver package
  • Theft of keys and fuel mixing
  • Damage or theft of personal belongings
  • Renewal of number plate
  • Rental car



  • All covered risks in Gold package
  • Leasing obligations and decrease market value
  • Repair in dealer center also after guaranty end date


What to do in case of insured event. Essentials.

View detailed instructions


  • Immediately inform relevant authorities (the police, the fire and rescue service or the manager of the house) about the event.
  • Submit an application for indemnity 24/7 on the webpage or by calling If Insurance at +371 6733 8333.
  • Never start repair without the consent of insurer.

Simple and easy steps to proceed

1. Contact us with your needs

2. We will come back with a proposal

3. Let us know about Your choice and we will activate the policy