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Current Account

  • For receiving regular income
  • Various payment options
  • Multi-currency account options

Basic service when starting cooperation with bank

A current account is used to receive your salary, pension, social benefits, and other regular income, for safekeeping of cash, as well as to make payments easily via Internet banking and to engage in cash transactions. You can use your spare money to build up savings, as well as to try out contemporary investment opportunities.

New account can be opened via internet bank or in any SEB banka branch.


If you have a current account you can:

  • add additional currencies and make payments in over 20 currencies from a single account, benefiting from the advantages offered by the multi-currency account;
  • make payments easily via internet banking;
  • tie payment cards to your current account;
  • withdraw and deposit cash from/to the account at depositing/withdrawal ATMs;
  • opt for standing order payments to pay your bills, as well as for receiving e-invoices and executing an automated payment thereof via Internet banking;
  • get detailed information on the transactions in the account via Internet banking;
  • get information on the available cash balance in the account via Internet banking or via SMS banking;
  • using Internet banking, you can open several additional current accounts to segregate money for different purposes (such as for building up savings or for limiting the amount of available funds for payment cards to any of your family members, etc.);
  • add another person's account via Internet banking, if you are helping to make payments to your parents or if you are willing to monitor the accounts of your children.
Account statement

You can get information about transactions in the account via:

  • your Internet banking
  • using the options provided by the SMS banking
  • at the branch of SEB banka
Deposits guarantees

Deposit Guarantee Law of the Republic of Latvia stipulates guaranteed compensation to the amount of the deposit (but not exceeding 100,000 EUR) per depositor, if the deposit is not available. Additional compensation up to 200,000 EUR is possible for the following deposits of the private person within the period of three months from the date when the initial deposit was made:

  1. Income from transactions from the real estate owned by the person and intended for residence;
  2. Social benefits, compensations and deposits intended for other social purposes as determined by the regulatory enactments paid to the person;
  3. Compensation for criminal damage or wrongful conviction of the person according to the procedure stipulated by the regulatory enactments.
Service Fee
Opening Free of charge
The first-time inspection of documents for the customers who have a personal identity document issued outside the EEA and who do not have the permanent residence permit in Latvia1 250.00 EUR
Servicing per month:
  • for the customers who have a personal identity document issued in Latvia or in the EEA2
1.00 EUR
  • for the customers who have a personal identity document issued outside the EEA3
15.00 EUR
Customer's funds administrating monthly fee for Customer with whom SEB bank is terminated cooperation4 75.00 EUR
Closing (including transfer of the account balance to another account at SEB banka) Free of charge

1 The commission fee is not withheld from the person who has acquired an asylum seeker or a refugee status, or alternative status.

2 The commission fee is not applied for:

  • any SEB bank Customer plan users (incl. Customer plans participants according to Customer plan conditions);
  • customers under 18 years old.

3 The commission fee is not applied for customers under 18 years old.

4 The commission fee is applied if Customer until date mentioned in SEB bank to Customer sent notification not fulfilled SEB bank requirements about account (incl. securities account) balance transferring. Fee is charged each month from funds which are not transferred after SEB bank request to Customer account opened in another credit institution.

Business account

  • Buyer, seller and bank signs trilateral trade agreement
  • Bank only transfers money after receiving documents confirming the fulfilment of the transaction