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Save for your dreams, desires and future plans


Multiple ways to save and making sure not to spend

Save cents by cents from every purchase you make.
Make Standing orders to your Savings deposit and access funds whenever you need.
Keep your money safe in the savings deposit.
Track your savings progress in the mobile app.

Set aside and save your money for certain period

  • A traditional and safe way of saving
  • You may deposit funds for a term of 3 to 36 months
  • It is not possible to make additional contributions or withdrawals during the deposit period

Simple way to start saving in the mobile app

  • With Digital Coin Jar your transactions are rounded up and difference gets deposited in Savings deposit
  • Add Standing orders to reach your goal faster
  • The service is free of charge
  • You can access your savings at any time

Flexible option for saving your spare money

  • You can make contributions to the Savings deposit whenever you choose
  • The term is not fixed
  • Unlimited amount of contributions and withdrawals
  • It is possible to set up Standing order from your current account

Savings for Your Child’s Future

  • Save for your child's education or other important goals
  • Invest money in various investment funds, thus facilitating the possibility of increasing the amount of savings in the long run
  • Receive 20% tax relief on contributions made to the savings

Make sure you are ready for retirement

  • Voluntary savings for your pension - convenient and flexible solution for securing your future
  • You can choose between two options –  third pillar pension funds or life insurance with savings for pension
  • Receive a tax refund of 20% from the contributions made to your savings

Grow your savings by investing

  • Start investing from just 1 euro with our Robo-Advisor
  • Choose the risk level that is comfortable for you
  • Get advice that suits more to you and your needs