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Travel insurance



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Up to

45 days

of insured travels

Travel without a worry

We provide insurance in cooperation with our partner If Insurance* 

Possibility to adjust the insurance coverage according to your needs and possibilities

Feeling of secure, even when far away from home

No formal excuses are looked for to refuse the indemnity

Select the insurance covers for your travel

  • Medical expenses, if an accident or a serious illness occurs during the trip.
  • Expenses for various accidents, such as stolen personal belongings, lost or stolen documents, as well as damaged or lost luggage.
  • Costs due to travel changes, for example, when you have to suddenly interrupt the trip, purchase new transportation tickets, cancel bookings or miss an event.
  • Civil liability costs, if damage to health, life or property of a third party is caused during the trip. In addition, expenses for legal services during the trip are also covered, if such a necessity occurs.
  • Higher-risk activities, which will give you a feeling of security and will cover unexpected expenses, if during the trip you plan to take part in, for example, winter sports, water sports or other similar activities.
  • Renting a car when traveling is also available and will cover the car rental deductible, which the rental company would withhold from you in case the rental car is damaged

What to do in case of insured event. Essentials.

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Need to have a consultation about insurance?

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