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SEB Index plan

  • Highest investment result in the last three years*

  • Low management fees – 0,30% per year

  • Suitable for you, if you have more than 15 years until retirement and you are ready to take a high risk

*Source: Period: 20.12.2019 – 20.12.2022.


With the right investment plan, your savings can increase significantly in the long term

To save for retirement effectively, choose the investment plan that suits your age the best. As your savings are invested in the financial markets to achieve better results, it is advisable for people whose retirement years are still far away to choose an investment plan that invests more in equities. In turn, as you approach retirement, switch to a plan that invests more in bonds than in equities, thus reducing capital fluctuations. We will help you find the most suitable solution and remind you when it is time to change your investment plan.

The accrual is formed as a part of your and your employer's social insurance contributions. Each month 6% of your gross salary goes to the 2nd pension pillar.
Contributions to the savings are made automatically. The 2nd pension pillar participants are all working persons born after 1 July 1971, or persons who have individually applied for the 2nd pension pillar.
Contributions to savings are invested in the financial markets, so it is important to choose a responsible pension manager and investment plan that is right for you.
The accumulated capital can be inherited if its creator passes away before reaching retirement age. The savings are created just for you, and you will start receiving it in the form of a pension, when you reach the state retirement age.

Please choose according to your age:

It is important to make sure that the investment plan chosen corresponds to the number of years left until retirement age and the desired investment strategy.
Compare all SEB pension 2nd pension pillar plans

Pay-out options

You may find out the amount of your 2nd pension pillar savings at any SSIA branch office or in the portal (selecting the report "Account Statement of the Member of State Funded Pension Scheme (2nd Pension Pillar)" under "E-services").

When you reach the state retirement age or retire early, you have to choose how to receive the accumulated 2nd pension pillar capital.

  1. To add the accrued 2nd pension pillar capital to your 1st pension plan and receive it together with the state retirement pension.

  2. Choose Lifetime pension insurance from one of the insurance service providers. By choosing Lifetime pension insurance, you will be able to adjust the amount of accumulated capital payments and receive money in your account. Lifetime pension insurance allows you to leave the accumulated capital as inheritance.

Your choices – global changes

Have you considered that by choosing pension funds that invest sustainably, your life savings will be making world a better place?

Need advice about pension savings?

  • Our consultants will find the most suitable solution for you and provide advice in the most convenient way for you – online, by phone or in person.