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Saving for pension with SEB is more convenient

In the SEB internet bank you will find section "My Pension" – a truly convenient way to save for pension!


A convenient overview of your pension savings

A calculator to help you to calculate your pension

Valuable tips for the best saving strategy

Possibility to quickly and easily make changes to your savings solutions


Your pension prognosis

Do you want to know what your monthly pension could be? The internet bank’s section "My Pension" gives you an informative prognosis. We update it regularly based on the information you provide about your income.

Calculate pension

Recommendations and reminders

Saving for pension is a marathon, not a sprint. However, even this long-term strategy requires periodic changes. We will make sure you receive information and advice related to your pension.

  • The most suitable 2nd and 3rd pension pillar plans for you
  • Tax refunds on contributions made to 3rd pension pillar
  • Inheritance of pension savings

Making the necessary changes with ease

Different pension plans should be used at various stages of life to be able to say: "My retirement savings are thriving!" You can switch pension plans and make other changes in just a couple of seconds.

  • Change of 2nd and 3rd pension pillar plans
  • Declaration of the indicated person or beneficiary for your 3rd pension pillar savings
  • Setting up a standing order

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Easy to save more

You can easily find out how much extra you need to save to reach your pension goal. Set up a standing order or make an extra contribution to help you build a better future!

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The information visible in the picture is only an example (example calculation is based on a pension saver who is about 30 years old). To find out what your future pension could be, please use the calculator available in the internet bank. The provided calculation is illustrative and based on assumptions about the amount of contributions, duration and other factors that we cannot verify.

Start saving for pension with SEB

2nd pension pillar

6% of your every salary automatically goes into one of the investment plans in 2nd pension pillar. Do you know which one? Choose the right plan for your savings goal!

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3rd pension pillar

If you save only in 1st and 2nd pension pillars, your pension approximately will be 43%* of your current income. By contributing to 3rd pension pillar, your pension will be more equal to your current income!

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* Source: Pensions at a Glance, OECD, 2021.