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Business travel insurance

Insure up to


years old employees


customer support

Up to

45 or 180

days of insured travels

Insure your business trips

A single business travel or a leisure trip

A business trip to perform paid physical work worldwide

High risk occupations

We provide travel insurance in cooperation with our partners

If Insurance

If P & C Insurance AS Latvian branch, registration number 40103201449, representing in Latvia If P&C Insurance AS, registered in the Republic of Estonia, registration number 10100168 (hereinafter - the Insurer), registered address is Republikas laukums 2A, Riga, Latvia; website addresses: and

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Compensa insurance

Compensa Vienna Insurance Group ADB Latvian branch, registration number 40103942087, registered address is Vienības gatve 87H, Rīga, Latvia; website address:

compensa partners

Suitable insurance for your business travel needs

Short-term travel

  • For a business trip to perform paid physical work, e.g., construction, road building, woodworking, engineering, forestry, car service or agriculture, etc.
  • Up to 45 consecutive calendar days


Long term travel

  • Insurance for up to 180 days within one year
  • Travel worldwide outside your home country


Need consultation about insurance?

Contact SEB by calling helpline +371 2666 8777 or register for consultation.

  • Our client executives will help you find suitable solutions
  • We have a dedicated team of professionals you can trust

Contact SEB by calling helpline +371 2666 8777 or register for consultation.

Simple payments for your employees abroad

Mastercard Business Credit Card allows to:


  • Pay for hotels and flight tickets
  • Book rental cars
  • Pay for fuel, taxi and business dinners
  • Purchase vignettes and pay the road tax

Other insurance solutions

Employee insurance

Why is there value in employee life insurance?

  • Taking care of financial security of employees family
  • Additional motivation of employees
  • Better image of the employer
  • Favourable tax environment