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Select the insurance covers for your travel

See more about risks and coverage in the internet bank.

  • Medical expenses, if an accident or a serious illness occurs during the trip.
  • Expenses for various accidents, such as stolen personal belongings, lost or stolen documents, as well as damaged or lost luggage.
  • Costs due to travel changes, for example, when you have to suddenly interrupt the trip, purchase new transportation tickets, cancel bookings or miss an event.
  • Civil liability costs, if damage to health, life or property of a third party is caused during the trip. In addition, expenses for legal services during the trip are also covered, if such a necessity occurs.
  • High-risk activities, which will give you a feeling of security and will cover unexpected expenses, if during the trip you plan to take part in, for example, winter sports, water sports or other similar activities.
  • Renting a car when traveling is also available and will cover the car rental deductible, which the rental company would withhold from you in case the rental car is damaged.

See more about risks and coverage in the internet bank.

Risks included

Risk Insurance sum in euros
Medical assistance in the event of an accident or sudden illness while travelling (including funeral expenses abroad) 100 000
Death or disability resulting from an accident 10 000-20 000*
Damage, delay or loss of luggage and personal belongings 0-900*
Reimbursement of expenses for unexpected cancellation, interruption or delay of travel. Covers also travel changes in emergency situation 300-1200*
Civil liability and legal assistance while travelling 0-10 000*

* depends on the selection of insurance covers

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Need a consultation about the most appropriate solution?

Contact If Insurance support team for SEB clients at +371 67 094 088 on business days from 09:00 to 18:00 or email

Dedicated If Insurance support team will help you to:

  • Find the right insurance solution
  • Issue an insurance policy if you want to insure paid physical work or work of high-risk professions

Important to know in the event of accident

In any case, take care of the documents supporting the fact and amount of the damage, including a written statement by the injured third party or their representatives of the damage incurred.

After returning to Latvia, fill in the application online

In the event of sudden illness, injury, or an acute need for dental care – seek the nearest medical facility. In emergencies, contact emergency medical services.

  • If, as a result of an injury or illness while travelling, transportation is required to return to the country of residence.
  • If the insured person dies during the trip.
  • In the event of damage to life, health or property to a third party is caused while travelling.

Call If Insurance helpline +371 66 888 833 (for calls from the USA: +18006949470)

If, on arrival at your destination, you discover that your luggage is damaged ask the carrier for proof of issue of the damaged luggage. Damaged luggage for which you wish to claim compensation must be retained and photos of the damaged luggage must be provided. After returning to Latvia, fill in the claim form online

If the delivery of the luggage at the destination is delayed by more than 4 hours due to the fault of the carrier, request confirmation of the delay of the luggage from the carrier. If it is necessary to buy basic commodities (clothes, shoes, hygiene goods), keep the documents supporting the purchase and after returning to Latvia fill in the application form online

Simple payments for your employees abroad

Mastercard Business Credit Card allows to:


  • Pay for hotels and flight tickets
  • Book rental cars
  • Pay for fuel, taxi and business dinners
  • Purchase vignettes and pay the road tax

Other insurance solutions

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