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Leasing for your business


9000 EUR

Minimum financed amount



Interest rate

Up to

7 years

Lease term

Starting from


Down payment

SEB Green leasing

To support sustainable business decisions we offer special interest rate for battery powered electric vehicles.

  • Special interest rate for new and used (up to 2 years) battery powered electric vehicles: 1,45% + Euribor
  • Response within 2 hours (during our business hours on working days)
  • First deposit for operating and financial lease starting from 10%
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Special price for CASCO insurance
  • Valid if the purchase was made from SEB līzings cooperation partners

Car leasing

  • New and used cars
  • Small commercial vehicles

Commercial vehicle leasing

  • Cargo trucks, trailers and specialised transport
  • Buses, minibuses
  • Other commercial vehicles
  • New and used vehicles

Industrial leasing

  • Construction equipment
  • Forestry and wood processing equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Industrial equipment

Agricultural machinery leasing

  • Tractors
  • Combines
  • Other agricultural equipment

Calculate the best deal for you

The amounts calculated using the calculator are informative.

Interest rate – a variable interest rate, assuming that it will not change throughout the duration of the Agreement.

Residual value – with operating leasing the value of the car at which the seller agrees to repurchase it at the end of the term of the agreement. An agreement for the terms of repurchase is signed with the seller.

Annual interest rate (AIR) – the total costs of the loan expressed as a percentage of the loan principal granted to you.

Types of leasing


Suitable, if you plan to use the car for a long period of time and want to become the owner at the end of the lease.


Suitable, if you plan to use the car for a certain period and want to return the car at the end of the term, not wishing to sell it. If you wish to use the car for a longer period, you may replace the operating lease with the financial lease.

Example comparison

Price of the vehicle 10 000 EUR
Term 5 years
First deposit 10% or 1 000 EUR
Commision fee 1.5% or 150 EUR
Financial lease Operating lease
Monthly instalment (60 months) 161 EUR 122 EUR
Residual value at the end of lease 0 EUR 2500 EUR
Total cost 10 810 EUR 8470 EUR
Vehicle is transferred into the ownership of the customer. Vehicle is returned to SEB Leasing.

Simple to apply

Submit a leasing application

We will send you an offer in 1-2 working days

After a positive decision, sign the agreement

Insurance for your assurance

Get insurance from SEB in cooperation with the insurer If P&C Insurance AS Latvian branch

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