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Customer claims investigation procedure


One of the main goals of SEB and SEB līzings is to provide our customers with an excellent service. We highly value your opinion, comments and complaints, as it allows us to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, and to improve cooperation with the existing and new customers. 

You can leave a comment on your experience of cooperating with us by using the means of communication most convenient for you. To receive the most accurate information or explanation regarding business relationship with you as an SEB customer, we suggest you to use such a method of communication through which we can identify you, for example, the SEB internet bank. Please note that in accordance with the obligation stated in the Credit Institution Law to guarantee the confidentiality of the identity, accounts, deposits and transactions of customers, only general information will be granted through unidentified channels (for example, e-mail). 

We aim to reply to the received questions as soon as possible and no later than within 2 working days. In case the issue requires an in-depth inquiry, we will inform you of the possible time of the reply. A more detailed information on the procedure for the review of complaints and disputes is available in Clause 15 of the General business terms and conditions.

If you disagree with our reply or you consider it incomplete, or if new or additional information has arisen within the context of the issue, please contact us again. However, if our explanation is not acceptable, you are entitled to:

  • submit a written claim to the ombudsman of the Latvian Financial Industry Association in accordance with the rules and regulations of the ombudsman. The ombudsman of the Latvian Financial Industry Association is located at Business Centre “VERDE”, Roberta Hirša street 1, Riga, LV-1045. Its website is
  • submit a complaint to the authority supervising the operation of SEB. The supervision of the operation of SEB is carried out by Latvijas Banka, and information about SEB is available on the website of Latvijas Banka. The address of Latvijas Banka is K. Valdemāra street 2A, Riga, LV-1050. Its website is
  • submit a complaint to the Consumer Rights Protection Service (CRPC), if according to the laws and regulations you qualify as a consumer or if the dispute concerns the services offered by SIA “SEB līzings”. Contacts: Brīvības iela 55, Rīga, LV-1010, website The procedure for accepting complaints and appealing of decisions is prescribed in the Consumer Rights Protection Law and the Payment Services and Electronic Money Law. You can view the dispute settlers included on the extrajudicial dispute settlers’ list on the CRPC website.

Disputes arising between the SEB and individuals who are consumers are solved by a court of general jurisdiction of the Republic of Latvia, unless the parties have agreed on another procedure for resolving disputes in the relevant service agreement. Disputes between the SEB and legal entities or individuals who are not consumers are solved by the Riga International Arbitration Court in accordance with the Rules of Procedure thereof, unless the parties have agreed on a different procedure for resolving disputes in the relevant service agreement.