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Working capital loan

  • Increases working capital for financing business expansion
  • Improves company’s cash flow
  • Guarantees seamless business operations 

Agreement term up to 1 year

Agreement term up to 1 year

Financing limit from 2000 euros

Financing limit from 2000 euros


  • Immovable and movable property, surety and securities as additional guarantee
  • It is possible to apply for a guarantee to the extent of up to 80% of the loan provided by ALTUM

Required documents

  • Filled loan application.
  • Latest annual report and interim report on current financial year
  • Description of how the loan will be used, incl. financial projections
  • A valuation report if a property is offered as collateral
Service Fee
Revision of the application Free of charge
Processing of a loan, increasing of the limit (% of the amount of the increased limit)1 1%, min 150.00 EUR
Reserving loan resources (calculated in % for the unused amount of the granted loan) 0,5%
Repayment of the loan before maturity (% of the amount repaid before maturity) 2%, min 1,000.00 EUR
Prolongation of a loan maturity1 0,5%, min 150.00 EUR
Other changes to the loan agreement on the customer's initiative (% of the loan balance)1 1%, min 150.00 EUR
Uninsured collateral maintenance2 20.00 EUR per month
Additional services
Valuation of collateral 0,1%, min 50.00 EUR
Document submission for registration of the pledge in paper format 50.00 EUR
Preparation of documents and applications needed for crediting services 15.00 EUR/hour
Preparation of loan agreement and collateral agreements in electronic format Free of charge
Preparation of loan agreement and collateral agreements in paper format 35.00 EUR
Preparing, drafting and approving bank's consents/authorisations and other documents upon the customer's request By agreement, min 70.00 EUR
Printout of information from LURSOFT database (financial statements, full information about the company, etc.) upon the customer’s request 10.00 EUR
(plus VAT 2.10 EUR)
Confirmation of loan issuance By agreement, min 30.00 EUR

1 The commission fee must be paid on the day the agreement or amendments are signed.

2 Commission fee is applied if the collateral is not insured (insurance policy is not provided to the bank) more than 30 days since expiration of the previous insurance policy.

Simple steps to apply

Send us the filled application

We will contact you with proposal or additional questions.

After a positive decision, sign the agreement

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Want to make sure you find a suitable solution?

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