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Freight containers


  • Funding without additional collateral 
  • Turn your invoices into an immediate cash flow
  • Secure your business by reducing debtor risk
  • Supply chain financing to finance your purchases
Up to

12 months

Agreement term

Up to

120 days

Deferred payment for buyers

Up to


Immediate payment of the invoiced amount (advance rate)

Factoring for your business needs


  • Factoring directed towards domestic sales of goods and services
  • Simplifies cooperation with domestic debtors 
  • Improves cash flow, payments on the same day as invoice submittance
  • Receive immediate payments
  • Possible to receive funding without a commercial pledge


  • Factoring directed towards exporting companies
  • Receive payments in the invoiced currency (EUR, USD, GBP, NOK, SEK, DKK)
  • No currency fluctuation risks
  • Debtor risk insurance to decrease the risk of losses

Reverse factoring

  • Suitable if your company or the company you deliver products or services to has a good credit rating.

How does factoring work?

  • Seller issues the invoice and sends the copy to SEB.
  • SEB usually pays the advance part of the invoice to your current account on the same day.
  • The buyer pays the invoice to SEB at due date.
  • SEB pays to the seller the difference in the advance part and the amount received from the buyer.
Service Fee
Review of the factoring application Free of charge
Processing a factoring 0,1%-1,5% of the total factoring limit, min 430.00 EUR + VAT
Amendments in the factoring contract:
  • increasing of the limit
0,1%-1,5% of the increased factoring limit, min 215.00 EUR + VAT
  • addition of a new buyer and other amendments to the factoring
starting from 99.60 EUR + VAT
Term prolongation for factoring agreement 0,1%-1,5% of the total factoring limit, min 290.00 EUR + VAT
Administration of invoices:
  • regressive
starting from 0,1% of the invoice sum + VAT
  • with debtor risk insurance
starting from 0,35% of the invoice sum + VAT
Limit review commission with the insurer From 20.00 EUR + VAT
Provision of accounting references 30.00 EUR + VAT

Additional info


Simple to apply

  1. Register for consultation
  2. We will contact and advise you
  3. Send the filled application and required documents to
  4. 4. After a positive decision, sign the agreement

We will contact and advise you

Send the filled application and required documents to

After a positive decision, sign the agreement

Other financing solutions for your purchases and trade


Flexible option for using extra cash, offering the possibility to have a negative balance on company’s account for financing working capital.

Trade financing

Financing and managing the risks of your company’s trades

Working capital loan

To cover temporary shortage of working capital or expenses.

Need advice on financing?

  • Our client executives will help you find the suitable financing solution for your business.
  • We have a dedicated team of professionals you can trust.