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Business internet bank

  • Adjusts to different devices
  • Possibility to personalise
  • Multi-currency account
  • Smart payment form

Constantly putting our best effort to improving our services to make them convenient, easy to use, and accessible to everyone, we are now beginning the process of renewing our internet bank.

More modern in design, easier to use, and supplemented with additional functionalities – this is the updated internet bank that we are aiming for.

Updated internet bank


What have we changed?

  • New login page, common for both business customers and private customers
  • Menu supplemented with a search bar and moved to the left side of the page, for easier and faster navigation. You can also collapse the menu, giving you more space to perform the needed tasks
  • Easy language switch accessible in the footer
  • Virtual consultant (chatbot) to help you with urgent questions
  • Dark theme switch in the footer
  • Improved accessibility, so everyone, including the disabled, can use our services

Frequently asked questions

  1. Make sure that you start at our official web page by typing on address line and move to internet bank via the webpage. Do not use search engines, such as Google or Yahoo!, as these might offer you fraudulent pages.
  2. Check if the internet bank address starts with or
  3. After opening the webpage, carefully inspect whether its design and functionalities are correct. When the webpage is cloned by the fraudsters, functionality, as well as the visual part may not be complete and correct. Therefore, please pay attention to the following aspects:
  • Homepage or login page look – is the visual is correct and you can open different texts / tabs, meaning that the functionalities work without malfunction?
  • Authentication means – are all of them available? E. g., on our internet bank page, you can choose from all available authentication means, whereas in fraudulent pages, you might miss some of them
  • Language change – does it work correctly? When you change the language on a fraudulent page, it might not change or be switched to a different one

The page for private and business customers is the same. The customer can choose their type by changing tabs in the login page header next to SEB logo.

You need to have Cash pool and / or E-invoice agreements; rights need to be ordered in order for you to use these menus.

Use the person / suitcase icon with a name at top right corner in the header to open a drop-down with list of customers.

If the internet bank is not used actively, the session will end in 5 minutes (previously – 10 minutes) in accordance with the requirements of the European Union regulation (PDF) on strong customer authentication. At the same time, the internet bank can determine whether you are actively using it. For example, if you are filling in a payment form, typing or moving the mouse, the session will not be timed out.

Signing the internet bank agreement provides you the full range of our services

  • Transfer money, use and create payment templates, as well as take advantage of automated standing orders and e-invoices.
  • View your account balance, statements and manage accounts.
  • Manage your cards – order and activate new cards, view PIN codes and change cards settings.
  • Apply for a loan, leasing, credit card or simply book a video meeting to discover how our services can benefit you.
  • Create a safety net for your company and your employees with a variety of our insurance services.
  • Change transaction limits and amend current agreements. 

Software and browser requirements

Our internet bank supports the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Edge

To ensure full functionality, better experience and security, we recommend you always use the latest version of your software. Please update your browser and operating system version as soon as the update is released. The same conditions apply for using our webpage and mobile application.

Internet bank possibilities

User rights and limits

Company manager can determine which employees and to what extent are authorized to operate company accounts as well as set access limits to every user.
For security of your transactions internet bank allows you to set daily and monthly transaction limits.

Login tools

Every employee accesses company internet bank with individualized personal user code and authorisation tool – you can always check, which employee made the payment or entered into an agreement.
You can use multiple authorization option – in this case the payment will need two or more person signatures to be authorized.

Importing and exporting files

Using internet bank for business you can import payment orders in the following formats: ISO, XML (FIDAVISTa), TXT and CSV.

Security and data exchange

SEB treats personal data with care, and we recommend you to encrypt files if the attachment send by you contains personal data.

Useful/ Payments cancelation

The payment and commission fee can be cancelled immediately and without additional costs. 

Administrator of internet bank

By becoming the administrator of your company’s internet bank, you can change settings of internet bank any time without contacting the bank and without the necessity to submit applications.

How to become a business customer and start using internet bank for business?

Apply for a meeting

Join the meeting via video or at a service point

Open a company account and sign agreements easily in your internet bank

Prices and conditions

Service Fee
Connection to the system Free of charge 
Servicing per month Free of charge
Amendments to internet bank agreement (made by administrator) Free of charge
Amendments to internet bank agreement (made by a bank employee)1 10.00 EUR
First Smart-ID registration in a bank in person Free of charge
Repeated Smart-ID registration in a bank in person 4.13 EUR (plus VAT 0.87 EUR)
Code calculator issuance, replacement 9.00 EUR
Mailing of code calculator upon the customer’s request within Latvia 15.00 EUR (plus VAT 3.15 EUR)
Courier delivery of code calculator abroad upon the customer’s request By agreement, min 30.00 EUR (plus VAT 6.30 EUR)
Baltic Online connection 15.00 EUR
Baltic Online servicing per month:
  • one country (Estonia or Lithuania)
10.00 EUR
  • two countries (Estonia and Lithuania)
15.00 EUR
Introducing changes to Baltic Online 10.00 EUR

To change the operation limits, please fill out the application in Internet bank menu Applications or visit SEB in person.

1 Applied when a bank employee in a customer service point, via a video meeting or in another way makes amendments, which could have been made remotely by the internet bank administrator.

Virtual assistant - now available in the updated version of the internet bank

Ask questions to the virtual assistant 24/7 in the renewed internet bank and it will immediately help you find answers and easily navigate the internet banking environment.