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Business internet bank

  • Adjusts to different devices
  • Possibility to personalise
  • Multi-currency account
  • Smart payment form
Internet bank advantages
  • With internet bank you can perform financial operations and get information about your company cash flow 24 hours a day anywhere in the world with internet Access.
  • Internet bank is compatible with accounting software that will make your company's everyday operations easier.
  • Company manager can determine which employees and to what extent are authorized to operate company accounts as well as set access limits to every user.

Importing of payment orders

Using internet bank Business you can import payment orders in the following formats: ISO, XML (FIDAVISTa), TXT and CSV.

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Wait for available funds 

In cases when the account lacks funds for payment, it is possible to make the internet bank wait until the account balance is sufficient. We will automatically try to execute the payment in the internet bank for up to three days after the payment order was created. The exception is instant payments, which can be executed automatically by the end of the day.


Administrator of internet bank

By becoming the administrator of your company’s internet bank, you can change settings of internet bank any time without contacting the bank and without the necessity to submit applications, as well as saving the company’s financial resources, because no commission fee is applied to the changes in the internet bank made by the administrator. To connect the administrator rights, please contact your client executive.

You can check whether the administrator rights are defined in the internet bank section Other/Settings – User administration. If the "Change user rights" button is active, the user is an administrator.

SEB Internet Bank for Business User Manual (PDF)

Administrator rights

  • Add new users and delete the existing users of the internet bank
  • Determine and restrict user rights
  • Determine and change daily and monthly transfer limits
  • Connect services and perform other actions

Additional security

It is possible to apply four-eyes principle to the activities of the administrator, defining two or more administrators and determining that any changes they make in the internet bank would become effective only after additional approval by the other administrator.

Log in tools


Smart-ID is a secure mobile application, with the help of which you can use the internet bank and make payments with your smartphone or tablet.


SEB treats personal data with care, and we recommend you to encrypt files if the attachment send by you contains personal data.

How to use the data exchange tool

Prices and conditions

To sign the agreement of Internet bank for business, please register for a video meeting or visit your nearest SEB branch.

Terms and conditions / other documents

Service Fee
Connection to the system Free of charge 
Servicing per month Free of charge
Amendments to internet bank agreement (made by administrator) Free of charge
Amendments to internet bank agreement (made by a bank employee)1 10.00 EUR
First Smart-ID registration in a branch Free of charge
Repeated Smart-ID registration in a branch 4.13 EUR (plus VAT 0.87 EUR)
Code calculator issuance, replacement 9.00 EUR
Mailing of code calculator upon the customer’s request within Latvia 15.00 EUR (plus VAT 3.15 EUR)
Courier delivery of code calculator abroad upon the customer’s request By agreement, min 30.00 EUR (plus VAT 6.30 EUR)
Baltic Online connection 15.00 EUR
Baltic Online servicing per month:
  • one country (Estonia or Lithuania)
10.00 EUR
  • two countries (Estonia and Lithuania)
15.00 EUR
Introducing changes to Baltic Online 10.00 EUR

To change the operation limits, please fill out the application in Internet bank menu Applications or go to the nearest branch of SEB bank.

1 Applied when a bank employee in a branch, via a video meeting or in another way makes amendments, which could have been made remotely by the internet bank administrator.