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Mastercard World Elite

Mastercard World Elite

Mastercard World Elite - excelent selection of privileges

  • Mastercard Concierge service – your personal assistant abroad
  • Travel insurance – wide range of insured risks
  • Priority security check at Riga International Airport
  • Priority Pass – the opportunity to use business lounges at over 700 international airports

The Mastercard World Elite credit card has become a worldwide symbol of quality and privileges, as it provides personalised services and special advantages.

The Special World Elite travel insurance policy is included in the card fee, and it covers an expanded range of insured risks, as well as higher indemnity sums. The insurance policy is valid for private travel and business trips alike, and is even valid for high risk sports such as mountain skiing, snowboarding and diving.

  • The insurance policy includes cover for the entire validity period of the card (the insurance is valid worldwide, except for the county of residence of the card holder).
  • The policy can be used for short trips, if the total duration of trips per year (365 days) does not exceed 180 days of travel.
  • The insurance is also valid for high-risk sports such as mountain skiing and cross-country skiing, snowboarding, diving, kiteboarding, wakeboarding, snow biking, etc.
  • The insurance coverage is valid for the spouse and all children of the card holder under the age of 18, if they travel together with the insured card holder.
  • Payment of costs solely with your card is not mandatory.
  • World Elite travel insurance covers a wide range of insured:
  • medical and related risks with a total insurance policy of EUR 202,000
  • accidents insurance risks;
  • the risks of luggage insurance and cancellation of a trip or its early termination;
  • card payments insurance;
  • civil liability and other insured risks.

For more information on insured risks and limits, see the attachement.

Insurance risks, limits and conditions

Mastercard Concierge service – your personal assistant abroad

Mastercard World Elite offers the services of a professional support provider that will become your 24/7 personal assistant abroad.

In order to contact your personal assistant, please call the telephone number on your Mastercard World Elite information card.

Personal assistant services offered:

  • Information – detailed information and advice on your trip destination, business etiquette abroad, required travel documents, as well as weather.
  • Travel – booking trips, hotels, flights and car hire services, special types and opportunities of travel, for instance, organising charter flights and yacht voyages.
  • Entertainment – ticket purchases for concerts, ballet and opera performances, sports events and restaurant bookings.
  • Golf course information – advice on the availability of public and private golf courses worldwide.
  • Gift purchases and deliveries – look for the most appropriate gifts for delivery to your partners.
  • Deliveries of flowers – information on florists, product range and deliveries.
  • Events and hospitality – contact information for event planners and organisers that will help you organise your special events abroad and their contact details.
  • Special services – cooking master classes with famous chefs, golf lessons, flights on fighter jets, island rentals, safari, heliskiing, and many other recreational activities.
  • Business services – information on assistant, interpreting and other services, as well as trade fair opening hours by industry sector and opportunities for attending or participating.

In all these cases, the Mastercard personal assistant will describe the options, service prices (including delivery costs and any other associated costs), delivery terms, and (if required) further steps in detail. The Mastercard personal assistant can also make reservations and orders or organise deliveries by using your World Elite card for payment purposes, pursuant to your approval as the card user. Personal Assistant does not guarantee the lowest price, but takes care about premium quality of your services.

As a customer of SEB banka and holder of Mastercard World Elite, in cooperation with Estravel Latvia insurance company, you are entitled to special offers and services:

  • Special travel offers that are regularly developed for Mastercard World Elite card holders
  • Flight and hotel bookings
  • Travel consultant
  • Additional services – purchases and booking of tickets for concerts, sports events, cultural and art events according to ticket availability
  • 24/7 travel support and emergency assistance
  • 100 % discounts on commission fees for Estravel Latvia services

You will find the contact telephone number of Estravel Latvia on the World Elite information card.

Priority Pass

Priority Pass is the world's largest business lounge programme of independent airports that gives you access to the business lounges of 700 airports in five continents, enabling you to enjoy peace, quiet, and refreshments.

With Mastercard World Elite, you can use business lounges included in the Priority Pass programme twice a year at no additional cost (opportunity to use the business area for one person twice a year or for two people once a year).

In order to enjoy the privileges of a business lounge, register your Priority Pass card at the entrance.

Business lounges are listed on the website PriorityPass.com/Lounges

The website also offers mobile applications that provide detailed information on the lounges for download:

  • Apple (iPhone and iPad)
  • Android
  • BlackBerry

Mobile website – prioritypass.com/mobile/index.cfm

UFind out about the available options directly at the airport or by sending an SMS with the three-letter airport code to +44 7624 809977. You will find the airport code on your flight booking information and boarding card.

Priority security check at Riga and Tallinn International Airports

You can save your time with the Mastercard World Elite card by using priority Riga and Tallinn airport security check.

The invitation for priority security check in Riga airport can be collected at the special terminal in front of Check-in area. In Tallinn airport Mastercard World Elite must be shown right before priority security check.

In Riga airport you can print two priority security check invitations over a 24 hour period.

Priority services at branches

Priority services are available for the users of Mastercard World Elite at SEB banka branches. Upon selecting Priority Service (Prioritārā apkalpošana), enter the first 8 digits of your World Elite card number, and you will be serviced without having to queue.

You can apply for the SEB banka Mastercard World Elite by addressing your contact person at SEB banka. If you use a virtual eSignature, you can apply for the credit card in electronic form by sending an electronically signed application to the e-mail address info@seb.lv (for more information on virtual eSignature, visit the website www.eparaksts.lv).

Mastercard World Elite credit card is produced within five business days. The validity period of the card is 4 years, and after expiry the bank will automatically issue you a new card. If you are using the SMS bank service of SEB banka, you will receive an SMS from the bank with the invitation to receive the new credit card.

Together with the Mastercard World Elite you will receive additional informative card with phone numbers for privilage use, Priority Pass membership card and travel insurance.

Each and every application of the card is assessed individually taking into account the potential cardholder’s cooperation with bank.

Application form Terms and Conditions

Mastercard World Elite includes the following services of Mastercard and partners of AS SEB banka: Concierge, Priority Pass, Fast-track Security Control, Travel Insurance. Changes in the list of services provided by Mastercard and its partners, as well as changes in the list of services provided by AS SEB banka partners, can be made without prior notice. AS SEB banka informs the Customer of such changes by sending a notice to the Customer's Internet bank within three business days after receipt of the respective information.

Services I Interest-free credit limit II Credit line III Fixed payment1
Fee for preparing a card/additional card 35.00 EUR
Fee for use of the card/additional card (per month)2 35.00 EUR3
Replacing a card/additional card 35.00 EUR
Commission for purchase:
   •  in Latvia Free of charge
   •  abroad Free of charge
Change of the card transaction limit4 10.00 EUR
Cash withdrawal in another bank 1,5%, min 3.56 EUR
Cash withdrawal at ATMs of:
   •  SEB bank 1,5%, min 0.71 EUR
   •  SEB group (Estonia, Lithuania) 1,5%, min 0.71 EUR
   •  in Latvia: Swedbank 1,5%, min 0.71 EUR
   •  other banks 1,5%, min 3.56 EUR
Cash deposit at SEB bank’s ATM:
   •  up to 6,000 EUR within one calendar month for all customer's accounts Free of charge
   •  upon exceeding monthly credits of 6,000 EUR for all customer's accounts 0,1% of transaction amount
Fee per 1 person visiting the airport executive lounge (as part of Priority Pass Program)5 30.00 EUR
Changes in the credit card agreement (submitted to the branch) 10.00 EUR
Changes in the credit card agreement (submitted in internet bank)6 Free of charge
Consideration of a credit limit increase application7 10.00 EUR
Fee for the used credit limit (per year) 0% 21% (1,75% per month) 24% (2% per month)
Monthly repayment amount 100% 5% Fixed in compliance with the agreement
Late payment interest (per year) 36% (3% per month)
Contractual penalty (per year) 36% (3% per month)

Others charges and terms related to Mastercard World Elite

Transfer from a credit limit 1,5%, min 0.71 EUR
Reviewing a complaint8, 9 Free of charge
Change of PIN code in SEB bank’s ATMs Free of charge
Fee for unblocking PIN code of a card in SEB bank’s ATMs, if the PIN has been entered incorrectly for 3 consecutive times while using POS terminal Free of charge
Consideration of a loan application Free of charge
Checking the account balance through ATMs of:
   •  SEB bank Free of charge
   •  other banks in Latvia 0.45 EUR
   •  other banks abroad 1.00 EUR
Fee for urgent card issue10 30.00 EUR
Surcharge on currency exchange when the currency of the card’s main account is not that of the transaction currency11 3%
Calculation period 1 month
Payment period 14 days (starting from the 1st date of the month)


For other services (current account maintenance, transactions in the account, processing of the customer’s documents etc.) which SEB bank provides to customers in relation to payment card servicing, the customer pays in accordance with SEB bank’s General Price list for individuals.

The limit of transactions within one calendar month includes purchased and cash withdrawal transactions of 15,000 EUR.

Total cash deposit limit in ATMs with all customer’s cards is 15,000 EUR per month.

A maximum of 200 banknotes can be deposited in an ATM in a single deposit transaction.



1 From December 2017 new cards with a fixed payment refund scheme are not offered.

2 Charged starting from the second month of using the card/additional card.

3 Includes travel insurance, Fast-track Security Control at the Baltic airports, Mastercard Concierge services, and ICLP programme.

4 Includes changes in POS, ATM and monthly spending limits above the standard maximum limit set by Bank.

5 Two free-of-charge visits to the airport executive lounge (as part of Priority Pass Program) during a year.

6 Except increase of the credit limit.

7 The fee is also applicable in cases when the credit limit is not granted.

8 If processing of the complaint involves obtaining documentary proof of transactions, then a fee will be charged to the amount of the actual cost of the service.

9 Application shall be deemed received by us:
    •  on the current working day if the application is submitted and received before 16:00;
    •  on the next working day if the application is submitted after 16:00.

   In case working day is shortened according to the law, the above deadline shall be one hour prior to end of the shortened working day.

10 The card can be received at SEB bank’s branch "Dienvidu" at 16:00 of the same business day, if application has been submitted by 12:00, and at 16:00 of the next business day, if application has been submitted after 12:00.

11 Information about exchange rates is available on the home page of International card organizations

https://www.mastercard.com/global/currencyconversion/index.html and

Credit limit repayment

Credit card limit for previous month is automatically repaid on 15th date of the month.

Find out your possibilities in internetbank:

  • get to know repayment amount
  • change repayment date
  • make an early repayment

Find out more



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