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Mastercard World Elite

A worldwide symbol of quality and privileges

An interest-free credit limit for up to 45 days, minimum

3500 euros


A credit line with 5% monthly repayment, minimum

3500 euros


Purchase insurance is

free of charge

and takes effect automatically

It provides more than you expect

Travel concierge service
Fast Track check-in at international airports
Priority Pass – the opportunity to use business lounges at over 700 international airports
Car rental benefits, discounts and benefits in the hotels all around the world

The Special World Elite travel insurance 

Provided by If Insurance

World Elite travel insurance policy is included in the card’s usage fee and it provides you with an especially broad range of insured risks and higher indemnity amounts. The insurance policy is valid both for your private and business travel, furthermore – it is valid even if you enjoy taking part in higher risk sports, such as alpine skiing, snowboarding or scuba diving.

Learn more about travel insurance

Travel concierge service

The Mastercard Concierge service means your personal assistant abroad, available on a 24/7 basis. The price for concierge service is included in the monthly fee for Mastercard World Elite.

Your personal assistant will provide you with information on various matters, advise you on the best service providers in various fields, make service reservations/bookings. If necessary, subject to your approval, your personal assistant may pay for the services, using your World Elite card data.

To contact your personal assistant, call +371 67779955

Fast Track check-in at Baltic states airports

You can save your time with the Mastercard World Elite card by using the Fast Track priority security check in Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius airports.

The invitation for priority security check in Riga airport can be collected at the special terminal in front of Check-in area. In Riga airport you can print two priority security check invitations over a 24 hour period.

In Tallinn airport swipe your Mastercard World Elite card at the terminal before priority security check.

In Vilnius Priority security check point is located on the left from the common aviation security check point on the first floor of the Departures.


Fast Track check-in at international airports

Upgrade your airport security experience with Mastercard® Airport Security Fast Track. Skip the queue. Maximise your time to relax, shop and dine in the airport. 

To get access for booking the fast track service:

  • Please make sure that internet purchases are enabled for your World Elite credit card
  • Register your personal account in the Mastercard Travel Experiences mobile app (available on iOS and Android operating systems) or website
  • After account registration you are ready to pre-order fast track for your upcoming airport visit

To book the fast track:

  • Choose an airport, number of travellers, and the desired time slot
  • Use your free Fast Track passes or pay using your registered Mastercard World Elite credit card
  • Receive your eTicket via e-mail or in the app
  • Arriving at the airport, proceed to the Fast Track zone of the terminal you need and show Airport Fast Track e-ticket to gain access


Priority Pass

The Mastercard World Elite credit card comes with the internationally recognised Priority Pass membership card.

Priority Pass is the world’s biggest business client lounge access programme – it provides access to business client areas at 1300 airports on five continents, where you can enjoy peace, quiet and refreshing beverages.

The Mastercard World Elite credit card provides access to the business client area of the Priority Pass programme at no additional charge four times a year for one person or twice a year for two people.

To be able to enjoy the advantages of a business client area, register your Priority Pass membership card when entering.

A list of business class lounges is available online or

Information about the facilities of a specific business client area is available directly at the airport or by sending an SMS to +44 76 2480 9977 with the three-letter airport code indicated in your flight booking information or on your boarding pass.

Car rental benefits

If you like driving a car and enjoy all advantages of travelling by car, use the car rental benefits, provided for Mastercard World Elite cardholders.

  • Up to 15% discount off standard rates
  • Expedited Gold Service at over 1000 locations worldwide
  • Bypass the queues and the counters at more than 50 of the world’s busiest airports
  • Gold Plus Reward Programme 900 bonus points upon enrolment
Hertz car rental

Gold Plus Rewards - all global renting bookings at over 8500 locations across 147 countries

Avis car rental

To use car hire upgrades, discounts and superb benefits you can join Avis Preferred programme with free membership for the recurring membership period of two years.

Discounts and benefits in hotels all over the world

Receive discounts when booking hotels with Mastercard World Elite.

Whether you are planning a romantic weekend, time alone to unwind or a cultural experience with your family, take advantage of these exclusive advantages.

Purchase insurance

Purchases made with the SEB World Elite credit card are insured. For example, furniture, clothing, footwear, musical instruments, sports and leisure items, toys, household appliances, computers and other goods intended for long-term use.

Purchase insurance doesn’t require additional application, it is free of charge and also applies to online purchases.

Learn more

Provided by If insurance

Card payments

In the internet bank or mobile app you can set allowed transactions and spending limits for your cards.

For additional security of online purchases made with cards, you need also to connect to your internet bank, thus confirming your identity.

Types of repayment schemes

Credit line

You may repay the used amount of the credit line to the bank gradually – in the period from the 5th to 15th day of the following month, by repaying only 5% of the used credit limit. 

Interest-free credit card

You may use the interest-free credit limit free of charge for up to 45 days – if you pay back the used credit limit amount by the 15th day of the next month, no interest will be charged, and the full credit limit will be available again.

In case you lost your card

In case of loss or theft of a card, it must be blocked for security reasons.
You can do this at any time:

  • in the internet bank (section “Accounts/Cards” → “My cards”);
  • in the mobile app (in the Cards section, select your card and press Blocking);
  • by calling the bank at +371 26668777.

Mastercard World Elite includes the following services of Mastercard and partners of AS SEB banka: Concierge, Priority Pass, Fast-track Security Control, Travel Insurance. Changes in the list of services provided by Mastercard and its partners, as well as changes in the list of services provided by AS SEB banka partners, can be made without prior notice. AS SEB banka informs the Customer of such changes by sending a notice to the Customer's Internet bank within three business days after receipt of the respective information.

Service Fee
Fee for preparing a card/additional card 35.00 EUR
Fee for use of the card/additional card (per month)1 35.00 EUR2
Replacing a card/additional card 35.00 EUR
Commission for purchase in Latvia and abroad Free of charge
Cash withdrawal in another bank 2%, min 4.00 EUR
Cash withdrawal at ATMs 2%, min 4.00 EUR
Cash withdrawal at business operators' outlets 2%, min 4.00 EUR
Cash deposit at SEB bank’s ATM:
  • up to 6,000 EUR within one calendar month for all customer's accounts
Free of charge
  • upon exceeding monthly credits of 6,000 EUR for all customer's accounts
0,1% of transaction amount
Fee per 1 person visiting the airport executive lounge (as part of Priority Pass Program)3 30.00 EUR
Changes in the credit card agreement (submitted to the branch) 10.00 EUR
Changes in the credit card agreement (submitted in internet bank)4 Free of charge
Reviewing an application of credit limit increase 10.00 EUR
Service I Interest-free credit limit II Credit line III Fixed payment5
Fee for the used credit limit (per year) 0% 18% (1,5% per month) 18% (1,5% per month)
Monthly repayment amount 100% 5% Fixed in compliance with the agreement
Late payment interest (per year) 36% (3% per month) 36% (3% per month) 36% (3% per month)
Contractual penalty (per year) 36% (3% per month) 36% (3% per month) 36% (3% per month)

Others charges and terms related to Mastercard World Elite

Service Fee
Fee for sending a card/additional card by mail in the territory of Latvia 1.00 EUR
Fee for sending a card/additional card to abroad 10.00 EUR
Reviewing a complaint6, 7 Free of charge
Change of PIN code in SEB bank’s ATMs Free of charge
Fee for unblocking PIN code of a card in SEB bank’s ATMs, if the PIN has been entered incorrectly for 3 consecutive times while using POS terminal Free of charge
Change of card transaction limit within SEB bank's standard limit (branch)8 5.00 EUR
Change of card transaction limit above the standard maximum limit set by SEB bank8 10.00 EUR
Consideration of a loan application Free of charge
Checking the account balance through ATMs of:
  • SEB bank
Free of charge
  • other banks in Latvia
0.45 EUR
  • other banks abroad
1.00 EUR
Fee for urgent card issue9 30.00 EUR
Surcharge on currency exchange when the currency of the card’s main account is not that of the transaction currency10 3%

The limit of transactions within one calendar month includes purchased and cash withdrawal transactions of 15,000 EUR.

Total cash deposit limit in ATMs with all customer’s cards is 7,000 EUR per month.11

For other services (current account maintenance, transactions in the account, processing of the customer’s documents etc.) which SEB bank provides to the customer in relation to payment card servicing, the customer pays in accordance with SEB bank’s General Price list for individuals.

A maximum of 200 banknotes can be deposited in an ATM in a single deposit transaction.

1 Charged starting from the second month of using the card/additional card.

2 Includes travel insurance, Fast-track Security Control at the Baltic airports, Mastercard Concierge services, and ICLP programme.

3 Four free-of-charge visits to the airport executive lounge (as part of Priority Pass Program) during a year.

4 Except increase of the credit limit.

5 From December 2017 new cards with a fixed payment refund scheme are not offered.

6 If processing of the complaint involves obtaining documentary proof of transactions, then a fee will be charged to the amount of the actual cost of the service.

7 Application shall be deemed received by us:

  • on the current working day if the application is submitted and received before 16:00;
  • on the next working day if the application is submitted after 16:00.

In case working day is shortened according to the law, the above deadline shall be one hour prior to end of the shortened working day.

8 Includes changes in POS, ATM and monthly spending limits.

9 If the card is ordered on business day by 12:00, it will be available at the Rīdzene branch on the same day after 16:00. If the card is ordered after 12:00, it can be received at Rīdzene branch on the next business day after 16:00.

10 Information about exchange rates is available on the home page of International card organizations

11 SEB bank has the right to unilaterally reduce or increase the cash deposit limit upon evaluation of the Customer's business and personal activities.

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