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Authentication and login tools


Smart -ID

Convenient, secure and free mobile app, which is already used by more than 3 million users across the Baltics. Smart-ID serves as a proof of identity and allows to login to SEB internet bank, confirm payments and sign electronic documents.

SEB mobile app

Use the SEB app’s PIN codes or biometrics to log into the internet bank, confirm payments in e-shops, as well as transactions in the mobile app and the internet bank. This authentication tool is automatically assigned for users who become SEB customers via the mobile app, but all our customers can set it up. 

Code calculator (digipass)

A standalone electronic authorisation    device which generates internet bank access and authorisation codes, and does not require internet access.

eID card

An eID card is an identity document, which can be used as an authentication tool for logging into the SEB internet bank, confirming payments and signing electronic documents. It additionally requires a card reader.

eParaksts mobile

eParaksts mobile is an app for smartphones. It can be used to authenticate in the internet bank and confirm payments. The app also allows you to electronically sign certain documents.