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Various types of payments

Manage your finances in a convenient, secure and smart way
Pay your bills automatically
Transfer your money for free to other accounts in SEB
Receive notifications for your payments and other activities

Intrabank payments

  • Transfer money online quickly and conveniently between accounts within SEB
  • Apply for a Customer plan to transfer money to accounts with the SEB free of charge

European payments

  • Quick and convenient way of transferring money to other banks in Latvia and Europe
  • Payments up to 15 000 euros are made immediately, if the beneficiary bank is eligible for Instant payments 
  • Apply for a Customer plan to make Instant and SEPA payments free of charge

Cross-border payments

  • A convenient and secure way to make payments abroad in any currency accepted by SEB 
  • An option to choose the payment’s execution speed – Standard, Urgent or Express
  • An option to choose the most appropriate kind of commission for the servicing of the payment

Standing orders

  • Set the amount that must be transferred, to whom and how frequently
  • You won't have to do a thing because the money will be transferred automatically
  • Use to your own advantage by automatically making savings in a deposit or pension fund 


  • Receive and overview your invoices in the internet bank for free 
  • Set up automated standing order for even more convenience
  • Help to protect the environment by reducing the need for printed invoices

SEPA direct debit payments

  • The service is available until 31.12.2024.
  • New agreements for this service are not accepted

Account transfer from another bank to SEB

  • An opportunity to transfer current accounts
  • Possibility to also transfer standing orders linked to the account

Transactions on the internet

  • Pay for goods or services with a SEB payment card
  • Pay for your online purchases directly in internet bank

Multi-currency account

  • The money credited to the account is held in the same currency
  • You can exchange currencies at any time convenient for you

Currency exchange

  • Current and future settlements in all major currencies at a beneficial price and with high liquidity
  • Possibility to obtain a more favourable exchange condition depending on the volume of transactions and disposition

Business account

  • Buyer, seller and bank signs trilateral trade agreement
  • Bank only transfers money after receiving documents confirming the fulfilment of the transaction

Salary to a SEB account

  • Apply for a Customer plan to make your daily transactions more convenient and favourable
  • A possibility to receive the status of a Customer Benefit Programme participant and to use special conditions for several services of SEB 
  • Especially favourable conditions for purchases with SEB cards – pay no commission fees in Latvia or abroad
  • Possibility to receive the renewed payment cards by post