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Account transfer from another bank to SEB bank

  • An opportunity to transfer Current Accounts
  • An opportunity to transfer to accounts associated Automated and regular payment contracts

All the necessary formalities related to your account's transfer to SEB bank, both banks – current and new – will address to each other, the only thing required form you is submitting an application in the nearest SEB bank's branch. You can choose to transfer all payment relations or only Automated and regular payment contracts to SEB bank. According to the set principle of "Unified Personal Current Account Transfer" by the Committee of European Banking Sector, the account transfer is possible in banks registered in the republic of Latvia or in the framework of banks registered in other countries but have branch networks in Latvia.  

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If you are thinking of transferring your Current Account and the associated payments to SEB, you can choose to transfer:

  • all payment relations, meaning your current Account together with existing Automated and Regular payments;
  • a particular part of payment relations – only Automated and regular payments.

If you choose to exchange your existing Current Account to SEB, we will deal with all the formalities that are related with the closing of your account in the previous bank as well as we will open a new account in SEB bank. In case of transferring account, your Current Account number is going to change as well. Similarly we will deal with all the formalities if you only choose to transfer your Automated and Regular payments to SEB.


In which occasions account and payment transfer is not possible?

Closing of the account is not possible if in your existing bank you have:

  • debts (such as fees for the used services);
  • loan agreement is associated to your account (mortgage loan, credit or credit card agreement that is in current operation);
  • account is tied to securities account;
  • account is linked to a deposit;
  • based on the orders by state's institution operations in your account are suspended;
  • account that is being used for saving foreign exchange funds and account's balance is insufficient to pay for the services related to the currency transfer;
  • another important reason stated in the law due to which account's transfer is not possible.

The transfer of Automated and Regular payments to SEB is not possible if:

  • you have signed mortgage loan agreement or other loan agreement in which it is required to pay your salary (or other stated amount of money) and/or ensure money circulation in the bank account opened in the previous bank;
  • operations in your existing account are suspended based on the order by state's institution.

Information is also available on the web page of the Association of Latvian Commercial Banks