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SEB Investment Management


The investment management company "SEB Investment Management" was founded in 2000, and its only shareholder is SEB Life and Pension Baltic SE.

The areas of SEB Investment Management activities are:
  • the management of individual investment portfolios,
  • the management of 2nd Pension Pillar assets,
  • the management of the assets of the private pension fund "SEB atklātais pensiju fonds".

In February, 2001, the investment company SEB Investment Management was licensed. In May of that year, it started managing the assets of the open-ended investment fund SEB atklātais pensiju fonds.
SEB Investment Management was the first investment company to receive a licence for the management of the government-funded pension plan assets, in June, 2002. Likewise, in May, 2004, it was the first asset management company whose license was amended, authorizing it to manage individual pension plan assets. This includes not only the management of mutual funds, but also the authorized management of the investor's other financial instruments.


Supervisory Council

Ieva Tetere Chair of the Supervisory Council 
Pontus Mikael Bergekrans Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Council 
Arnolds Čulkstēns Member of the Supervisory Council 
Arnis Škapars Member of the Supervisory Council 

The Board of Directors

Jānis Rozenfelds Chair of the Board
Solvita Egle Member of the Board 


The only shareholder of the investment management company "SEB Investment Management" is SEB Life and Pension Baltic SE.

Annual reports

01.04.2021 – Annual report 2020 (LAT) 

15.04.2020 – Annual report 2019 (LAT) 

10.04.2019 – Annual report 2018 (LAT) 

17.04.2018 – Annual report 2017 (LAT) 

13.03.2017 – Annual report 2016 (LAT) 

27.04.2016 – Annual report 2015 (LAT) 

26.03.2015 – Annual report 2014 (LAT) 

26.03.2015 – Annual report's 2014 attachment (LAT) 

13.03.2014 – Annual report 2013 (LAT) 

20.02.2013 – Annual report 2012 (LAT) 

20.03.2012 – Annual report 2011 (LAT) 

17.02.2011 – Annual report 2010 (LAT) 

17.02.2011 – Annual report 2009 (LAT) 

17.02.2011 – Annual report 2008 (LAT) 

17.02.2011 – Annual report 2007 (LAT) 

17.02.2011 – Annual report 2006 (LAT)