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About Robo-Advisor

  • Robo-Advisor is an easy and automated way for you to start investing. We will ask you to provide us some information in order to make you a personalized investment recommendation.
  • Having decided to invest based on the recommendation, you will only need to set-up a payment plan and our system will do the rest.
  • Our recommendation will include limited range of SEB group investment funds and thus it is not independent. Also, we will not carry out any periodic assessment of the recommendation given. Therefore we kindly suggest you to review your investments regularly by yourself or contact us in order to agree that we review the recommendation and verify that it is still suitable to you. If you would like SEB to do the assessment of suitability, please contact us.
  • This is an automated service and you will go through the session without our direct assistance. If you have any questions during the session or afterwards, please call us at +371 26668777 (on working days from 8.00 to 18.00). If you need a thorough consultation with our investment experts, please apply for a call-back.




How much investing with
Robo-Advisor costs?

  • No additional fee for the recommendation in Robo-Advisor is applied.
  • If you decide to invest in the recommended fund, the regular costs and charges of investing in the fund, i.e. administration and management fees, apply and may amount in total around from 1,06% to 1.21% per annum.
  • For example, per every 100 EUR you invest, the annual costs and charges to be paid by you would be from around 1,06 EUR to 1.21 EUR.




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Before investing, we urge you to read carefully the investment recommendation document, which will explain why, in our assessment, the recommended investment fund is suitable for you, as well as the terms and conditions, information materials and fees related to the services provided and the recommended fund. Based on this information, you will be able to decide on your investments.

This material contains the information about AS "SEB banka" investment services or ancillary services. Investment products produce a return linked to risk. Their value may fall as well as rise, and historic results and/or returns are not reliable indicators to expect future result and/or returns and are no guarantee of future result and/or returns; n certain cases you may lose the invested sum. Where either funds or you invest in securities denominated in a foreign currency, changes in exchange rates can impact the return. You alone are responsible for your investment decisions and you should always obtain detailed information before taking them. More information about SEB's funds, investment services or ancillary services, is available on our website. The provision of investment recommendation to you is subject to the Advisory terms and conditions, so please read them carefully and consult the staff of the bank if you need to.


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