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Internet bank for private customers

Internet bank for private customers

Convenient and simple financial resource management

  • Adjusts to different devices
  • Multi-currency account
  • Smart payment form

How to get a free code calculator or Smart-ID Basic for children under the age of 18

If your child already has an internet bank, we offer you to receive a free code calculator or Smart-ID Basic.

How to get code calculator?

If a child is aged between 7 and 15 years
His/her legal representative must visit any SEB branch bringing his/her passport or ID card as well as the child’s identity document, and bring the child’s birth certificate if the legal representative is bringing his/her ID card or if there is no record of the child in his/her passport.

A junior aged 16- 17 years
May visit the branch on his/her own, carrying his/her identity document.

How to get Smart-ID Basic?

For children between 7 and 17 years
If your child already has a code calculator, Smart-ID Basic can be installed and registered remotely.
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If a child don’t have code calculator both he/she and one of his/her parents (legal representative) must visit any SEB branch bringing his/her passport or ID card as well as the child’s identity document, and bring the child’s birth certificate if the legal representative is bringing his/her ID card or if there is no record of the child in his/her passport.
You also need to bring a child’s smartphone with you that meets these conditions.

  • Smart-ID

    Smart-ID is a secure mobile application, with the help of which you can use the internet bank and make payments with your smartphone or tablet.

    • You can create Smart-ID Basic (with an unqualified certificate) by yourself, using the code calculator or Smart-ID/Smart-ID Basic on other device.
      If you do not have a code calculator or Smart-ID/Smart-ID Basic on other device, we recommend you to register qualified version of Smart-ID.
      How to download Smart-ID
    • Smart-ID (qualified) with broader e-document signing functionalities can be registered in your smart device by using the ID card, biometric method (if you previously had Smart-ID/Smart-ID Basic account) or visiting a branch.

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  • Code calculator
    Code calculator

    If you do not want to use Smart-ID or if you do not have a smartphone, visit any SEB branch to buy the electronic code calculator. The code calculator is an electronic authorisation device that generates unique internet bank access and authorization codes every time you use it.

    More about code calculators and instructions for use

Almost all SEB bank services are available also in internet bank – you can make payments, get information about account transactions, control your current accounts, deposit and credit status, as well as apply for other services. It is the most convenient and cost effective way to communicate with the bank, providing 24-hour access to your account anywhere in the world, where you have access to the internet. Internet bank offers lowest commission fees for bank services.

What kind of services are available at internet bank?

  • Different types of payments with possibility to check their progress.
  • Information on your transactions – account balances, card payments, credit, leasing, investment and securities transactions, as well as other services. With SMS bank you can receive text messages on incoming and outgoing payments on your mobile phone or e-mail.
  • Possibility to apply for and make changes to a variety of banking services – 2nd and 3rd pension pillars, automated standing orders, term deposits and other. You can also open a securities account and make transactions within  SEB investment funds.
  • Create a payments samples and standing orders, which are executed automatically with your specified regularity.

Your personal internet bank data (user ID, codes) can also be used for online purchases and 3D secure payment system (except code cards).

The bank employs a multi-tier data protection system for your financial security

Using SEB internet bank, your finances are in security because the multi-tier data protection system prevents unauthorised parties from accessing your account:

  • Each user has a user code, access and authorisation codes of his/her own, known only to him/her.
  • Note the difference between internet bank access codes and authorisation codes. Authorisation codes may be required only to confirm a payment made by you or the changes to internet bank settings made by you. If you have not carried out such activities, however you are asked to give your authorisation code, do not enter it because it may be a sign that your computer has been infected.
  • In internet bank you may define allowed deals and their limits.
  • To confirm payments, we recommend using the free application for your smartphone Smart-ID or buying a code calculator at any SEB branch.
  • Your working session on the internet bank will be ended automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity.
  • For minors, the one-day limit is 70 euros, but it can be increased from the age of 16.

How to protect your finances using the internet bank?

  • Prior to carrying out authorisation make sure you are on the official internet bank page – https://ibanka.seb.lv.
  • View your account statements regularly.
  • Never tell anyone about your transactions and the account balance.
  • Do not email your identification data; do not not reply to email letters supposedly sent on behalf of the bank requesting you to send your identification data (user ID, access codes, PINs, passport data) or other personal information. If you have any doubts regarding any emails with the information of such nature received, contact us, calling our 24/7 infoline on +371 26668777 and make sure about the authenticity of the information received.
  • For additional security, you can subscribe to the SMS bank service enabling you to learn about transactions in your account. For example, you can subscribe to receive a text message on money transfers from your account to be notified each time the money is deducted or transferred from your account.

How to access and authorisation codes?

  • The only place to enter your internet bank codes are the SEB internet bank page https://ibanka.seb.lv. When making a purchase or logging into websites such as latvija.lv, you should be redirected to https://ibanka.seb.lv where you would be required to enter your authorisation data (in order to make sure that you are on the official SEB internet bank website). Never indicate your customer number, internet bank user code, password or other data in any other website, email or a social network. If you are suspicious of an electronic service provider or the device from which you are working, stop the activity immediately. Please notify us of each instance when somebody is willing to find out this information.
  • Make sure that nobody can watch you as you are entering the security data.
  • Make sure that authentication tools are available only to you.
  • Subject to logging in successfully or confirming the payment, the system may not require the same code repeatedly. If that happens, make sure you are in the environment of a certified website.
  • Note that there are two types of authorisation means:
    • Access codes that need to be entered to connect to internet bank;
    • Authorisation codes used to confirm payments or changes via internet bank.
  • If the same security codes are being requested in the event of a successful authorisation or in confirmation of the service, your computer may have been infected or somebody is attempting to defraud you. In such cases you should immediately:
    • End the internet bank session by pressing “Exit”.
    • Contact the bank regarding that on +371 26668777 and request blocking of your internet bank.

How to make sure that you are using a real, certified internet bank website?

  • Before you enter internet bank access data, we encourage you to make sure that you are using the officially registered and certified internet banking website, i.e., make sure about the security of the created communications channel.
  • In order to do so, you should check the certificate of the website, by clicking on the key pictogram , which most often can be found in the address field of the internet browser software.
  • The certificate should specify the correct address of the internet banking: ibanka.seb.lv, the issuer organization of the certificate: VeriSign, Inc., as well as the validity term.

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer

Why must not banking and bank card numbers be disclosed, even if there is no money in your account?

  • Even if there is no money in your account that does not mean that you stand nothing to lose by disclosing your information to others. Somebody can use your internet bank to apply for micro loans and access your tax and personal information on the website www.latvija.lv, or even change the place of residence declared by you. Lately, a particularly popular type of fraud has had to do with micro loans in cases when the ways to access the internet bank have become known. This usually takes the form of a job offer where the employer requires “empty” internet bank accesses. No entrepreneur has any reason to know or ask you to share access to your own accounts.
  • Also, your account can be used for money laundering or other fraudulent transactions, in which case you may be called to account.
  • If you suspect that your access data has become available to other people, please contact the bank by calling on +371 26668777.

What to do if you have lost your code calculator?

  • To block the code calculator, you must call our 24/7 infoline immediately on +371 26668777.

What to do if you have lost smartphone with Smart-ID?

  • If your phone is lost or stolen, Smart-ID is protected by the PINs known only to the user, so the phone finder will not be able to use Smart-ID, nor will he/she be able to access the phone owner's bank account.

How to use the Internet and online services securely?

  • When checking emails and social media, beware of emails with attachments or clickable links sent by unknown people. Never click on a suspicious link nor open attachments because they can contain viruses capable of stealing information or damaging devices.
  • Do not visit suspicious websites. Viruses are mainly spread through unsecure websites, emails and file sharing programs.
  • Do not use online services in public places, on WiFi networks not protected with passwords or in places where you are exposed.
  • Do not use internet bank nor make any payments with cards from unknown or suspicious computers because they can save the codes entered by you.
  • Before you make a purchase from an unknown online shop, search for any customer reviews regarding it using Google or use any other Internet search tool.
  • If you do not make large purchases on a daily basis, change the transaction amount limits via internet bank and increase the limit only if necessary.
  • Install a legal and reliable antivirus software and regularly update the software.
  • Regularly update your Internet browser.
  • Update the operating system of your computer, because hackers regularly find ways to bypass built-in security systems. Do not use outdated versions that are no longer maintained, such as Windows XP or Internet Explorer 6.
  • If a virus has been identified or offers to install suspicious software start appearing, stop the work you have been doing and log out of internet bank. Using an antivirus software, scan for viruses, and contact your IT support, if necessary.
  • If you see that the carrying out of activities via internet bank takes too long or if after the entering of a code a message about technical problems appears, it means that your computer may have been infected. Notify the bank thereof immediately via the 24/7 infoline on +371 26668777.

Secure online purchases with bank cards

  • Like many traders in Latvia and elsewhere in the world, SEB bank uses the online purchase security system 3D Secure developed by VISA and Mastercard for online purchases. This security system performs an additional checking of the identity of the cardholder and ensures that the card data are particularly safeguarded in the online environment.
  • At the traders’ using this security system (which will be evidenced as Verified by VISA and Mastercard logo SecurCode logos), in addition to the payment card data, you will be required to enter the internet bank data, i.e., your user code, password, and access code.
  • You can connect to internet bank at any branch of SEB bank.

Software and browser requirements

To ensure full functionality and security, we recommend you always use the latest versions of software.
Minimum requirements for use of SEB web page, internet bank and mobile application:

  • Windows 7, macOS Sierra 10.12
  • Google Chrome 55, Mozilla Firefox 45, Internet Explorer 11, Safari 9
  • Android 5.0 with mobile browser Google Chrome, iOS 9.0 with mobile browser Google Chrome or Safari


Services Fees
Connection to the system Free of charge
Servicing per month Free of charge
First Smart-ID registration in a branch Free of charge
Repeated Smart-ID registration in a branch 4.13 EUR (plus VAT 0.87 EUR)
Code calculator issuance, replacement 9.00 EUR
Sending a code calculator by post at the customer's request (within Latvia) 15.00 EUR (plus VAT 3.15 EUR)
Sending a code calculator by post at the customer's request (abroad) 30.00 EUR (plus VAT 6.30 EUR)


To change the operation limits, please fill out the application in Internet bank menu Applications or go to the nearest branch of SEB bank.


  • +371 26668777
    +371 67779988

    Block payment card and internet bank


    Other questions

    Private customers

    Mon - Fri 08.00 - 18.00

    Business customers

    Mon - Fri 08.30 - 18.00


Smart-ID is a convenient and secure authorization solution for the internet bank.
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