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Customer plans – all the necessary banking services at no extra cost

Our customer plans enable you to use all the necessary daily banking services for a single monthly fee. This way you make noticeable savings as it is more expensive to pay for each transaction or card separately.

  • Plans include:


    Free payments to banks in Latvia and in Europe
    Debit and/or credit card without monthly fee
    Unlimited amount of free accounts for finance management
  • Use advantages of customers plan together with other services:

    • Make free payments in the mobile app
    • Automatically pay e-invoices without commission fee
    • Set up a standing order to your free savings account
    • Open free accounts for a more convenient finance management
    • Use a credit card for unexpected or larger purchases or traveling (available in Active and Family plans)

Calculate the most suitable plan

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Current and multi-currency accounts
Payments to other SEB accounts
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Payments to other banks in Latvia and EU
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If you decide that the plan is no longer suitable for you, you can disable or change it at any time.

  • Basic plan

    If you only use a debit card and make a couple of payments each month, the Basic plan is the most suitable for you. It includes debit card and 10 free payments, so you can transfer money to your family, shop online and pay your bills.

  • Active plan

    Active plan gives you more possibilities to manage your finances. The plan includes not only unlimited amount of free payments that enable you to transfer money via mobile app at all times, but also the advantages offered by a credit card – always available extra funds for larger purchases and travel.

Compare plans


Active Plan


Basic Plan

Monthly fee for credit card X*  
Monthly fee for payment card X X
Current account X X
Unlimited number of payments in internet bank from current accounts** X 10 payments
Connecting the SMS bank X X
Completing paperwork for the savings account X X
Internet bank X X
Cash withdrawal (up to EUR 600 per month) from the ATMs of SEB bank and Swedbank in Latvia with the payment card X X
Standard price 4 EUR 2 EUR
Price for the Gold level customers 3 EUR 2 EUR
Price for the Silver level customers 3,60 EUR 2 EUR
An option to apply via internet bank Apply Apply

* The Active Plan additionally includes: use of all Credit Cards (except GOLD and World Elite) without a monthly fee during the entire duration of the plan.
** Payments in internet bank from the current account: to the accounts of other SEB customers; euro currency to another bank in Latvia and EEA countries (SEPA payments); regular payments; automatic payment of e-invoices.

  • Youth plan

    The most suitable plan for youth. From the age of 18 to 21 (inclusive) the plan is free of charge, but from the age of 22 to 25 it costs only 70 cents per month. Receive an unlimited amount of free payments and a debit card, giving you the freedom to transfer and receive money in the mobile app, shop online, pay your bills and forget about the commission fees.

  • Family plan

    If your family members or friends have an account in SEB, use the opportunity to save even more – Family plan gives all the advantages of Active plan to you and up to five other plan members. Only one plan’s member need to pay the 5 EUR fee, but all the plan members gain the benefits.

  • Plan for juniors (7 – 17)

    When opening an account in SEB, we offer a debit card, accounts and unlimited amount of free payments at no monthly fee for all children and youngsters up to 18 years of age.


Why were customer plans implemented?

It is important for us that our customers can manage their finances conveniently and transparently. To avoid situations when the fee for banking services varies every month, we implemented customer plans that allow our customers to use all the necessary daily banking services at a fixed monthly cost.

Do customer plans mean a long-term commitment?

There are no long-term commitments – you can disable or change your plan at any time.

I already have a customer’s plan, but I need additional services.

If you need additional free payments or a credit card, consider applying for the Active or Family plan. You can use customer’s plan calculator to find out which plan is the most suitable for you.

What happens if I spend the 10 free payments of the Basic plan or I want to use an additional debit card?

In this case you will charged for services that are not included in the plan (11th payment or additional debit card) according to the Price list norādītā maksa.

What to do if the bank rejects my credit card application?

You can review the sum you applied for and try to lower it.


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