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Compare SEB service plans

Service name Youth Plan Active Plan Basic Plan Family Plan

Monthly fee for credit card

-  1 -

Monthly fee for payment card

Current account

Unlimited number of payments in internet bank from current accounts 2

10 payments

Connecting the SMS bank

Completing paperwork for the savings account

Internet bank

Cash withdrawal (up to EUR 600 per month) from the ATMs of SEB bank and Swedbank in Latvia with the payment card

Standard price

0.70 EUR 4 EUR 2 EUR 5 EUR 3

Price for the Gold level customers

0.70 EUR 3 EUR 2 EUR 5 EUR 3

Price for the Silver level customers

0.70 EUR 3.60 EUR 2 EUR 5 EUR 3

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Youth Plan Active Plan Basic Plan Family Plan

An option to apply via internet bank





1 The Active Plan additionally includes: use of Mastercard Standard (not  GOLD and World Elite) without a monthly fee during the entire duration of the plan.

2 Payments in internet bank from the current account: to the accounts of other SEB customers; euro currency to another bank in Latvia and EEA countries (SEPA payments); regular payments; automatic payment of e-invoices.

3 One person pays for the Family plan, which can be used by up to six people who are not necessarily your relatives.