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Salary to a SEB banka account

Salary to a SEB banka account

Your advantages from the receipt of salaries to a SEB banka account:

  • A possibility to become a user of the Customer Package and make your daily transactions more convenient and favourable
  • A possibility to receive the status of a Customer Benefit Programme participant and to use special conditions for several services of SEB banka
  • Especially favourable conditions on purchases with SEB banka cards – without a commission fee either in Latvia or abroad
  • The possibility to receive the renewed payment cards by post
  • For your financial safety or the implementation of various objectives - free consultations on the more favourable placement of funds and the creation of savings

Please fill out the application (LAT, PDF) in order to receive your salary to a SEB banka account and submit it at any branch of SEB banka. Notify your accounting department on the account number granted to you.

The use of the Customer Package will make your daily life more convenient and your financial matters more favourable.

Customer Package price includes:

  • opening and maintenance of current accounts;
  • euro payments from a current account via Ibanka:
    • to another bank in Latvia for sums up to EUR 75 000;
    • to another country of the European Economic Area (EEA) for sums up to EUR 75 000, if the recipient bank accepts SEPA* payments.
  • the monthly fee of a payment card;
  • cash withdrawals up to EUR 1 000 within one calendar month you can do so at SEB bank's, DnB, Rietumu Bank's and Swedbank's ATMs in Latvia as well as in SEB group's ATMs in Estonia and Lithuania;
  • connecting and servicing of internet bank;
  • Internet bank code card;
  • connecting of SMS banka;
  • opening of a Savings deposit.

* SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) payments in euro currency to another bank in Latvia, to 28 member states of the European Union, as well as to Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Monaco.

The reasons why people start to save and invest may differ. Some wish to save money for a larger purchase or their financial security. Others consider savings for the future education of their children to be more topical, while other people seek ways of using the money in order to receive maximum profit. We offer to learn about the types of savings and investments or to apply for a free consultation in order to agree on the most appropriate solution in your case together with a bank employee.

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 Comparative table of savings and investment products



Savings period

Minimum sum


Regular payments

Beginning of investment tradition

Savings deposit

For the customers themselves





To apply for consultation
To apply via internet bank

Simple deposit

For the customers themselves

1 or 2 years

EUR 100



To apply for consultation
To apply via internet bank

Pension 2nd Pillar

For the customers themselves

Until retirement age is reached

6 % of gross salary

Low – high


To apply for consultation
To apply via internet bank

Pension 3rd Pillar

For the customers themselves

Non-terminable (depends on the age of participants)

Not defined

Medium - high


To apply for consultation
To apply via internet bank

Endowment insurance

For the customers themselves / for a child

10 - 30 years

Not defined

Low – high


Apply for consultation


If you plan to purchase new furniture, new home appliances or go on a journey and you need additional funds, we offer various funding options at SEB banka.

Consumer loan

Credit cards

Everybody encounters a moment in their life when the improvement of their home or finding a new home is necessary. If you wish to purchase a new home or plan the renovation of your home but you are short of funds, apply for a consultation with the natural persons operations manager of SEB banka in order to agree on the financing solution that suits you best.

We offer a mortgage loan for home purchase, renovation and improvement. Your current or prospective apartment, residential house or summer house will serve as collateral for the loan.

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If you wish to build your house, we offer to use a Construction Loan from SEB banka.

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