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SMS bank

  • You will be aware of the transactions in the account or with the card at all times
  • You can receive messages to your mobile phone as well as your email address

Information about your personal finance in your phone

If you use SMS bank, you can receive a text message about money transfers as soon as the money is in your account, or track your expenses. You will get information about the account balance or transactions with the card to your mobile phone or email address, and therefore you will no longer need to connect to the internet bank or visit the nearest ATM.


You will have the option to select transactions regarding which you would like to receive information to your mobile phone or email address. You can also specify the account and the minimum amount from which you would like to receive messages.

You can get the following information to your mobile phone or email address:

  • Incoming and outgoing transactions in your account;
  • Receiving e-invoices via the internet bank;
  • Payments not executed;
  • Agreement expiry dates.

You can connect the SMS bank via your internet bank, in the menu Applications – SMS bank or in person at SEB service points.

Price list

Service Fee
Connection to the system Free of charge
Servicing per month Free of charge
SMS message (for each) 0.13 EUR
E-mail message (for each) 0.13 EUR

The calculated commission for the received SMS messages is deducted once a day.