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The future begins today.
Make savings for retirement years


It is worth investing in your future

The current pension system with 1st and 2nd pension pillar will provide about a half of current income for future pensioners. As life expectancy increases, so does the number of years you will spend in retirement. To maintain the current standard of living after retiring, it is important to timely start saving for retirement years – the sooner the accumulation starts, the easier it is to accumulate the desired amount. 

* The service is  provided by SEB Life and Pension Baltic SE, registration number: 40003012938. 

Long-term savings for secured retirement years and the material protection of your relatives.
Flexible contributions – supplement with a freely chosen amount that you can change throughout the savings period.
Control over savings – savings are your property throughout the savings period. At the end of the contract, you are free to decide how to use the accumulated amount.
You have the opportunity to receive tax benefit in the amount of 20% of contributions made to the savings.

* Please note that the provided tax information is based on currently applicable regulatory acts; the tax legislation can change over time. The tax result may differ on a case-by-case basis.

Simple and easy steps to calculate

Calculate how much can you save and receive in tax refunds

Set monthly deposit or set your savings goal

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Receive a tax refund of 20% from the contributions made to your savings

Why is it worth saving in SEB Life insurance with savings?

You are free to determine the amount and regularity of contributions (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually).
Your life will be insured along with building up your savings, thus providing financial protection for your relatives.
You also have the opportunity to take extra care of your financial security by adding accident insurance.
Your savings are invested. The savings are made in investment funds with the possibility to earn depending on the performance of the funds and acceptable risk.

Investments in funds – a modern and popular approach to saving

  • The Insurer will hand over your deposited and accrued money for management to an investment fund manager chosen by you, who will invest it in shares of different companies, government bonds and other financial instruments, according to the principles of the chosen fund.
  • The investment fund manager will take care of the funds invested in the fund, monitor and, if necessary, make the necessary changes to ensure the best possible result.
  • It is possible to keep track of your savings in SEB internet bank as well as make various amendments to the contract – to change the selected funds in which your current savings are located, funds for future contributions, as well as the allowable risk level.
  • We will help to choose the most suitable solution for the wishes and possibilities of both – experienced customers and beginners in the financial markets.

Receipt of the savings

When concluding a contract, you will determine its term, but the contract may also be terminated earlier.

*In accordance with the law “On personal income tax”, income from savings with life insurance of a natural person is subject to tax. The payable tax is 20% of the life insurance contract income, determined as the difference between the payable savings and all contributions paid during the contract (instead of the amount of all savings). The tax is to be paid on the date of earning the income, namely, at the moment of payment of savings or redemption cost and the payer of the specific income is responsible for the collection of the tax, i.e. SEB Life and Pension Baltic SE. So you will not need to take any additional action on the declaration and payment of tax.

* If personal income tax benefit has been received, the personal income tax will have to be reimbursed for the amount for which the tax benefit has been applied upon termination of the contract for the first 10 years.

To receive the actual savings, you must submit an application at the end of the contract.

If any unexpected situation occurs, and you suddenly need the accumulated money before the term, you can also terminate the contract before its expiry, receiving the specified redemption amount.

If the insured person loses its life, the insurance indemnity, which consists of the sum insured and the created savings, is paid into the specified account, on the basis of the beneficiary's application.

Consultation on the conclusion of the agreement, review of the application

Free of charge

Purchase or sales of investment units

Free of charge

Changes in allocation of further contributions or existing savings

Free of charge

Change of life insurance sum insured

Free of charge


Minimum life insurance sum insured

150.00 EUR

Minimum accident additional insurance sum insured

1500.00 EUR

Minimum surrender value

0.00 EUR

Terms of executing calculations, amendments and termination

Purchase of investment units

Within 5 working days
after receipt of the insurance premium1

Calculation of the accumulation in case of death of Insured

Within 5 working days
after the application submission date1

Payout of the accumulation in case of death of Insured

Within 30 days
after the application submission date1

Calculation of the accumulation in case of termination of the insurance agreement

The surrender value is calculated in accordance with the agreement within 5 working days after the application submission date1

Calculation of accumulation in case of maturity of the insurance agreement

Within 5 working days
after the agreement end date1

Changes in allocation of further contributions

Within 5 working days after the application submission date

Changes in allocation of existing savings:

  • sale of investment units
Within 5 working days
after the application submission date1
  • purchase of investment units
Within 5 working days
after execution of the sale transaction1

Change of the Life insurance sum insured (changes take effect starting with the next payment period indicated in the policy)

Within 10 working days
after the receipt of all required documents

Currency exchange rate

Currency exchange rate, if currency exchange is required

Currency at the exchange rates of the European Central Bank on the day of the calculations

Guaranteed yield of savings

Guaranteed savings 0% 0%

Effective as of 15.07.2021



1 Except when a Management Company provides the performance of transactions according to a different schedule (for example, Funds may be closed for transactions and the value of their units is not calculated if there is a bank holiday in the country in which the fund is registered or/and managed).

The service is offered and provided by SEB Life and Pension Baltic SE, registration number: 40003012938.

Take care of your future now

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