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If more than 5 years left until retirement
You expect average profitability and are ready to tolerate moderate short term fluctuations
Investment in shares – not more than 25%
The accrual is formed automatically as part of your and your employer's social insurance contributions

Investment strategy

A global investment plan without a particular regional emphasis.
*) at least 75% – fixed income securities
*) not more than 25% – equity with growing market value and alternative investments


Savings goal

The plan is based on stable growth of pension capital, which is sufficiently dynamic at the same time.  Investment plan results and prospectus.

Asset Manager at IP AS "SEB Investment Management", address: Antonijas iela 9 -12, Riga, LV-1010; holder of funds AS “SEB banka”. 


Fixed management fee 0.45%
Performance fee Performance fee is not withheld

Pay-out options

You may find out the amount of your 2nd pension pillar savings at any SSIA branch office or in the portal (selecting the report "Account Statement of the Member of State Funded Pension Scheme (2nd Pension Pillar)" under "E-services").

When you reach the state retirement age or retire early, you have to choose how to receive the accumulated 2nd pension pillar capital.

  1. To add the accrued 2nd pension pillar capital to your 1st pension plan and receive it together with the state retirement pension.

  2. Choose Lifetime pension insurance from one of the insurance service providers. By choosing Lifetime pension insurance, you will be able to adjust the amount of accumulated capital payments and receive money in your account. Lifetime pension insurance allows you to leave the accumulated capital as inheritance.

Why choose SEB 2nd pension pillar investment plans?

Responsible and stable savings management
Our goal is to increase accumulated capital in the long term
In our offer, everyone will find the most suitable plan
We have been taking care of our customers’ pension savings for more than 20 years. Each fifth participant of the 2nd pension pillar trusts his/her savings to SEB

Need advice about pension savings?

  • Our consultants will find the most suitable solution for you and provide advice in the most convenient way for you – online, by phone or in person.