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Green Home loan – more comfort, less impact 

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Responsible home purchase through Green Home loan

Our homes have a big impact on the environment. Our greenhouse gas emissions are significantly influenced by the amount of heat and electricity we use at home. As a result, we would like to encourage the construction and purchase of energy-efficient homes.

  • Beneficial and individually determined loan conditions
  • Lower monthly bills 
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Healthier home environment 
  • Long-term property value advantage 

What are the criteria for receiving Green Home loan? 

Building constructed until 2021 

  • "A" energy efficiency class 

Building constructed from 2021 

  • "A" and "A+" energy efficiency class 
  • House must meet the nearly zero energy building (NZEB) criteria
  • Building’s primary energy demand performance needs to be 10% lower than the threshold set by regulations to the NZEB (in Latvian)

Information on energy performance certificates

You can verify the house energy performance certificate in the Building information system’s House energy performance certificate registry (in Latvian)

Questions and answers about the Green Home loan

Have any questions about the home loan? 

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For improving home energy efficiency

We apply a fixed interest rate of 5.9% per annum for financing the purchase and installation of solar panels or certain heating systems:

  • Purchase and installation of new equipment for generating electricity: Solar panels, wind generators
  • Purchase and installation of equipment for energy efficient heating: heat pump, wood biomass boiler (pellet boiler)

If you are planning other environmentally friendly purchases for purposes that are not listed in this section of our website, please fill in the application to learn about your possibilities to receive a consumer loan with an annual interest rate from 7,9%.

Calculate the footprint of your home

Each day our lifestyle choices make an impact on the environment. Do you know how much carbon emissions your actions generate every day?


  • 20% of family expenses are housing maintenance costs
  • 64% of household energy consumption is used for heating
  • One hour without electricity reduces your footprint by 1,6kg CO2e


Download the MyFootprint | SEB app and calculate your carbon footprint now.

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Choices matter. Make the right one for the environment. 


To support sustainable decisions we offer special interest rate for battery powered electric vehicles.

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A well-considered purchase may be a step toward a more environmentally friendly lifestyle

Everything you purchase has an environmental impact, and we strongly encourage consumption that is conscious. Keep the environment in mind and think about taking a loan for environmentally friendly expenses.  

Energy efficient home

Sustainable purchases

Environmentally friendly transportation