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The service is available until 31.12.2024. 

New agreements for this service are not accepted. 

We invite customers using this service to contact beneficiary to agree on alternative payment method (such as instant/ SEPA payment or card payment) for a seamless transition. 

SEPA direct debit payments

  • Secure money transfers to countries that have joined the SEPA direct debit scheme
  • Money is transferred automatically, if the payment is initiated by the payee
  • Possibility to set the limit for a single payment, as well as the total number of payments

About service

What is a SEPA direct debit?

The SEPA direct debit is an international payment service for debiting funds from the account, if the payment is initiated by the payee based on the payer’s mandate. Transfers from the accounts of SEB customers are executed under SEPA Core Direct Debit Scheme.

Main terms of the service

  • SEPA direct debit is only available in euros
  • Money is debited only from the account specified in the agreement
  • SEPA direct debit payment will be rejected on its receipt date, if the balance of funds in the specified account is insufficient


Service Fee
Connection of SEPA Direct Debit service Free of charge
SEPA Direct Debit for one payment 4.00 EUR
Termination of SEPA Direct Debit before the payment execution day Free of charge
Returning of SEPA Direct Debit payment Free of charge
Returning of an unauthorised SEPA Direct Debit payment during the term of 8 weeks to 13 months after payment execution1 Free of charge
Blocking/unblocking of SEPA Direct Debit mandate Free of charge
Issue of a SEPA Direct Debit payment copy upon the Customer's request Free of charge

Note: Only EUR currency from EUR current account.

1 If an investigation determines that a payment has been authorised, the fee specified in Clause "Fee for reviewing of an unjustified complaint".