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Gustavs, SEB office

SEB Global Services centre



Striving towards sustainable compliance culture among SEB clients and employees.

We work on driving and promoting compliance issues in the SEB Group by monitoring, advising, controlling and following up on relevant compliance risks. Our main tasks include monitoring and controlling financial market activity related matters, such as trading, equity research, as well as check of conflict of interest. 

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Kristina Navicka

Manager at Compliance Control Room

"It will be 10 years since I joined SEB, and I can surely say – each year was exciting for me. It is the place with many opportunities, especially if you keep your mind open. I started as a junior specialist in Trading operations where I learned a lot, and continued working within Compliance function where I keep learning and exploring my skills. Throughout this time I gained not only new knowledge, but I also built many connections across the sites."


Compliance Monitoring Centre of Excellence

We’re always on the lookout for the best way to ensure process efficiency and gain a global perspective on compliance. That’s why we have been centralising monitoring processes from almost all SEB sites to Riga. The project turned out to be the right choice as we already see many improvements. Inspired by the success, we are working towards aligning other monitoring activities of the Group Compliance organisation.