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Your pension can fight climate change

When making pension investments, SEB considers a whole range of economic, social ...

Cards that fit perfectly in your daily routine

Digital wallets

Pay with SEB card in your smart device.

Apple Pay – secure and fast way to pay in stores, apps and online.
Google Pay – quick and easy payments.
Garmin Pay and Fitbit Pay ensure quick and secure contactless payments.
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Youth plan

The plan is free of charge for 18 to 21 year olds (inclusive), costs only 70 cents per month for 22 to 25 year olds and includes:

Contactless payment card without monthly and issuance fee
Unlimited amount of free payments to banks in Latvia and Europe (SEPA)
Opportunity to open an unlimited amount of current accounts without a monthly servicing fee

For the stability of your childs’ future

Congratulations with stepping into new era.

Next steps

  1. You have to renew your personal data in Internet bank
  2. To continue saving, you have to apply for the special Youth Plan.
  3. If you don\'t already have, set up Smart-ID as a more convenient alternative to code calculator.


  1. Your accounts are no longer linked with your parents/ guardians and Junior plan has ended.
  2. You can now start using saving tools in SEB APP
  3. In internet bank you can open more current accounts, apply for cards, loans, investments and more.
Financing important life decisions