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Smart-ID is a free-of-charge mobile application that enables you to connect to internet bank and confirm payments in it.

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Types of Smart-ID and how to register them

Smart-ID (qualified) account you can get on your smartphone using ID cardbiometric identification (if you previously had any Smart-ID account) or by visiting branch. The signatures in this Smart-ID application have the same legal force as self-signed signatures and are recognised throughout the European Union.

Smart-ID Basic (unqualified) account you can create yourself using any other Smart-ID account on another device or a code calculator.

Creating Smart-ID Basic account in a new device

If you have question about Smart-ID: +371 6766 5001, , smart-id.com.

Installing Smart-ID on smartphone

Smart-ID Basic installation on mobile phone remotely using Smart-ID/Smart-ID Basic on other device or code calculator:
  1. Download Smart-ID application from Google Play Store or App Store;
  2. Press “Register new Smart-ID account”;
  3. For successful confirmation of identity, choose country – Latvia;
  4. Press “Online bank or branch”;
  5. Choose “SEB”;
  6. Specify form of identification “Internet bank”;
  7. Press “Proceed anyway”;
  8. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions;
  9. Enter phone number and e-mail address required to update certificates;
  10. Connect to SEB internet bank using the previous mean of authorisation – Smart-ID/Smart-ID Basic or Code calculator;
  11. Confirm customer identification by pressing the button “Sign electronically” and enter PIN2 from the other device;
  12. Create PIN1 and PIN2;
  13. Confirm your identity;
  14. Confirm PIN1 and PIN2;
  15. Confirm “Smart-ID account information”;
  16. Smart-ID account registration was successful!
  17. Connect to the internet bank using the new Smart-ID Basic account and enter PIN1 in Smart-ID application.

Attention! For the mobile application and business internet bank users to be able to connect using Smart-ID Basic, they must connect to private internet bank using Smart-ID Basic account first. From that moment on, Smart-ID Basic will be usable for direct connection to the mobile application and business internet bank.

Smart-ID (qualified) account installation on mobile phone, if you have previously used Smart-ID / Smart-ID Basic account (biometric method)

Conditions required for the registration of Smart-ID account:

  1. Legal age (this functionality is not available to minors due to legal reasons).
  2. Currently or previously registered Smart-ID account (may be deleted). The phone number or e-mail address specified during creation of the previous Smart-ID account must be available to confirm the new Smart-ID account.
  3. Valid ID document – passport or ID card (biometric passports are issued in Latvia since 2008, ID cards – from 2012).
  4. Mobile phone with camera and switched on NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, which enabled safe data exchange between devices – in this case, data reading from passport or eID card.
  5. Latest version of Smart-ID is required on the phone.
  6. NB! If the customer has changed his/her name, surname or personal identification number, Smart-ID cannot be changed using biometric method. The customer must attend branch.

Step-by-step description of the process is available here.

Internet bank with Smart-ID authorisation

  1. Choose "Authentication method" Smart-ID;
  2. Enter user ID and Personal identity number;
  3. Press "Login"
  4. Open “Smart-ID” application on your smartphone, compare both codes, and if they match, Enter PIN1.
  5. Few seconds after entering PIN1, internet bank main page will open automatically.

Confirming payments and applications

  1. Fill payment form, click “Sign digitally”.
  2. Compare codes in internet bank and in Smart-ID application and, if they match, enter PIN2.
  3. Few seconds after payment confirmation will open in internet bank.

Do the same steps to confirm other operations in internet bank.

Pay attention to the Smart-ID application label under the control code. It says what actions you approve. If you do not currently work in the internet bank or do not use authorisation in other services (Latvija.lv, card payments on the internet, etc.) and receive a Smart-ID PIN1 or PIN2 code request, be very careful and check the information under the control code. If the request seems suspicious, press the "Cancel" button and contact SEB.


About using Smart-ID

How to start using smart-ID?

Download Smart-ID application from Google Play (to Android phones) or App Store (to iOS platform phones) website, create your personal profile and choose two PIN codes – one (four digits) to be used to connect to internet bank and the other (five digits) to be used to confirm payments and other transactions.

What’s the costs of Smart-ID?

The downloading of the application, registration, setting up of the profile and usage is free of charge.

Who can use Smart-ID?

Any person residing in the Republic of Latvia who has reached the age of 7 and who uses a smart device with Android (4.1 or newer) or iOS (11.0 or newer) operating system.

Will I be able to use Smart-ID on several devices?

Yes, you can use Smart-ID on your phone as well as on your tablet PC.

Will I be able to use Smart-ID also abroad?

Yes, of course. Moreover, using of Smart-ID will not be particularly expensive for mobile communications, because the application transfers a small amount of data.

Can Smart-ID be used if the phone does not have internet access?

No. Using Smart-ID requires a mobile internet or wireless internet (Wi-Fi) connection.

How should I proceed if I am the customer of several banks?

To confirm transactions via internet bank of the two banks, using a single application will be possible.

Can Smart-ID be used for the company's internet bank?

Yes, if you use your private internet bank with Smart-ID, you will also be able to connect to the company’s internet bank.


What will happen to code calculators?

How is Smart-ID different from code calculators?

Smart-ID is a convenient way to connect to the Internet. It is particularly advantageous to use Smart-ID while travelling, as the usage thereof would not require additional authorisation means (code calculator), i.e., internet bank can be used with a smartphone connected to the internet.

What should I change if I use the code calculator?

Nothing – provided that you are satisfied with your hitherto experience. We recommend that you switch to Smart-ID if you would rather not be carrying along your code calculator or you want to use additional services available with Smart-ID:

  • log in to SEB internet banks in the Baltic countries with one Smart-ID application (if in each country you are registered as a customer with one personal code) and use more verification options than with code calculator;
  • connect to the services of various companies – Dokobit, LMT, E. Gulbja Laboratorija;
  • use Smart-ID to log into the internet banks of other banks.



Is it indeed safe to use Smart-ID? What if my phone is lost?

The Smart-ID solution conforms to the highest security requirements of the financial sector for electronic services. Firstly, a unique code will be generated for the confirmation of each transaction, therefore fraudsters will lack the opportunity of obtaining the confirmation code even if they have managed to obtain the customer’s code and the password. Secondly, if you have lost your phone, Smart-ID is protected by the PINs known only to the user, so the phone finder will not be able to use Smart-ID, nor will he/she be able to access the phone owner's bank account.

What is strong authentication?

Authentication is the process of recognition of the person remotely by reference to any of the three factors:

  • something known only to the customer (the password, PIN)
  • something owned by the customer (card, smart card, code calculator, etc.)
  • biometric characteristics (the customer’s voice, fingerprints, etc.)

Strong authentication uses two of these factors, in addition, one of these elements must be unique and unmatched. Smart-ID provides that because it uses two factors – the PIN known only to the user and a unique authentication code generated by the application.

What needs to be done if the application is blocked?

To prevent your Smart-ID applications from being misused, your profile will be locked in the following cases:


If the PIN is entered incorrectly three times consecutively
(the profile will be blocked for three hours)


If, after the said three hours, the PIN is entered three times incorrectly again
(the profile will be blocked for 24 hours)


For security of your data, your PIN will be blocked permanently, if it is entered incorrectly three times consecutively (nine times in total). To continue using Smart-ID, you will need to delete your profile from the device and register again.

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