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  • The maximum amount of the overdraft – the amount of your monthly salary
  • Interest is deducted once a month, only on the overdrawn amount
  • The overdraft is secured by your salary in your bank account with SEB bank

An overdraft is a loan secured by the salary in your account with SEB bank. You may use the overdraft at your sole discretion, and you will be charged interest only on the overdrawn amount.

You may apply for a loan or consultation in any branch of SEB bank.

Borrow wisely, considering your ability to repay the loan.

The amount of the loan

The amount of your monthly salary

In deciding on the amount of the overdraft, we will take into account your after-tax (net) income for the last six months, which is credited to your account with SEB bank.

The minimum amount of an overdraft is 300 EUR.

Terms and conditions

To qualify for an overdraft you must:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • have your personal current account with SEB bank
  • have regular income in your account with SEB bank

Issuing of the loan

The overdraft will be credited to your current account within one working day from the signing of the overdraft agreement.

Repayment of the loan

You can use the overdraft repeatedly, because it will be repaid from the money credited to your account.

Maturity date

Although the overdraft is repaid from the salary credited to your account each month, it is issued for one year. If the amount of the salary credited to your account does not change, the overdraft will be automatically extended to the next year. If your salary has changed, the overdraft limit may be changed. 


The interest rate on the loan

You will only need to pay interest on the overdrawn amount – 26% p.a.;

The users of the Customer Plan are charged only 21% p.a.

Documents to be submitted

To receive an overdraft, you will need to submit the following to SEB banka:

  • Your passport or ID card;
  • A completed application for the overdraft.

An overdraft vs a consumer loan



Consumer loan

Fixed monthly payment



The loan is tied to your credit account



The minimum amount of the loan  (EUR)



The maximum amount of the loan  (EUR)

Your monthly salary



We offer you a free consultation before you make your decision on the overdraft.

Services Fees
Revision of the application Free of charge
Processing the Overdraft (% of the granted amount)1, 2 2%, min 30.00 EUR
Using the limit (% p. a. of the used amount) 26% per year of the actually used limit
Using the limit, if the customer had the Customer's plan at the time of signing of the agreement (% p.a. of the used amount) 21% per year of the actually used limit
Using the limit, if the Overdraft had been issued until 01.11.2012 (% p.a. of the used amount) 24% per year of the actually used limit
Changes on the customer's initiative2 10.00 EUR
Extending the term of the overdraft agreement 10.00 EUR
Sending a notice in Internet bank mail Free of charge



1 For an Overdraft that has been concluded before 1 November 2012, repeated agreement and revision of the application for a new Overdraft is free of charge.

2 The commission fee must be paid on the day the agreement or amendments are signed.



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