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E-invoice with automated standing order

E-invoice with automated standing order

Convenient solution for payment of regular invoices with varying amounts

  • Accurate and timely payment of e-invoices at all times
  • All received e-invoices are available in one place – the internet bank
  • The partial payment of e-invoices is possible in cases when there are not sufficient funds in the account

In internet bank you can receive and pay e-invoices one by one or use automated standing order opportunity. You authorise SEB bank to pay invoices from your account based on the e-invoices of seller sent to the bank.

  • In internet bank you can view all received e-invoices, open them in PDF format, apply for automated payment or pay e-invoice manually if e-invoice has no automated standing order.
  • In the internet bank section "My agreements” You can view current applications and agreements, delete them, or change their conditions.
  • Each time you receive new e-invoice, you see the mark in the internet bank’s upper section Messages/E-invoices.
  • If you are using the SMS bank service you can apply for SMS or e-mail notification on the received e-invoices.
  • It is possible to set-up notifications on received and paid e-invoices in SEB mobile application.

On what date will I receive an e-invoice in my internet bank?

You can view the e-invoice in the internet bank as soon as seller has forwarded it to the bank. Please contact the seller in case you have not received any e-invoice.

Why haven't I received my e-invoice?

If you have not received an e-invoice, please contact the seller. There may be several reasons, but the most common and their solutions are:

  • In the internet bank section Payments – E-invoices – My agreements, make sure that all data in the e-invoice application are correct and the bank account you specified is not closed.
  • Some merchants only allow e-invoices to be received by customers who have signed an agreement with them, but this cannot be verified in the internet bank. If you have applied for another person's e-invoice, contact the invoice sender and ask if the seller provides e-invoices to third parties.
  • Some sellers start sending e-invoices not the next month from the date of e-invoice application, but a month later. For example: if you applied for an e-invoice on August 19, the seller will issue the first e-invoice for September, and you will receive it only in October.

When will the e-invoice with automated standing order be paid?

By applying for the e-invoice with automated standing order service, you will have the possibility to choose one of the following e-invoice payment days*:

  • Two days after receiving e-invoice;
  • On the due date specified in the e-invoice;
  • On a particular date each subsequent month if the seller offers such an option.

* 08.30 pm is the last possible time for the e-invoice payment on the day you have chosen. Please provide the necessary amount of money in your account in advance.

Why didn’t the e-invoice with automated standing order payment occur?

  • Check if the due date in the e-invoice with automated standing order has come. Check if the amount of the received e-invoice does not exceed the daily/monthly limit specified by yourself.
  • Check if your account had sufficient funds on e-invoice payment due date.

Is it possible to cancel the payment of the current e-invoice?

  • If the e-invoice with automated payment order has not been executed yet, you may cancel it without terminating the agreement for e-invoice with automated payment order.
  • If the e-invoice has already been paid, you may initiate the standing order withdrawal procedure in accordance with the price list of the bank's services.

What is the daily or monthly limit?

The daily limit is the maximum amount that the bank may pay towards the e-invoice forwarded to you. Conversely, the monthly limit is the maximum amount that the bank may use during the period of one calendar month to make payments towards the e-invoices of each particular seller.

What is the partial payment of e-invoices?

If the E-invoice with automated standing order agreement allows for partial payment, the e-invoice will be paid up to the amount of money in your account at the time of the last possible payment.

If you want to pay for services using the e-invoice with automated payment order service, apply for receiving of E-invoices and the automated payment thereof via internet bank or at any branch of SEB bank. If you want to use the e-invoice with automated payment order service, please make sure that:

  • You have a current account with SEB bank
  • The company for the services of which you would like to pay using the e-invoice with automated payment order does offer such a service to its customers. You can check this in the section “Sellers”.
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