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Life insurance with savings for child's future. Possibilities at internet bank.


Adding money to savings

The insurance contract provides a free choice of payments; however, it is recommended to make regular payments to build sufficient savings. For your convenience, Ibanka provides the possibility to create a regular payment order, which SEB banka will execute automatically with regularity and amount set by you.
It is also possible to make additional contributions into the savings through internet bank – at any time and with the amount of your choice.

Full details of the insurance contract and savings

Internet bank provides information on all your contracts, terms, insurance amounts, beneficiaries, and you can keep track of your savings.

Changes to contract

You can make various amendments to the contract through internet bank – apply for the indemnity at the end of the period of the contract, change the selected funds where your existing savings are deployed, change the fund for further savings, as well as change the risk tolerance limits.


The service is offered and provided by SEB Life and Pension Baltic SE, registration number: 40003012938.