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Father teaches his son to turn the screw

A step towards child’s independence

Special offering applicable by applying for a branch visit till 30.09.2022.


Children’s account together with a special Junior offer for free

An account for allowance, child’s savings or first salary
Unlimited amount of free mobile or internet bank transfers to any bank in Latvia
Mastercard payment card without monthly usage fee. Delivered to your home
Modern mobile app with money request functionality and account balance change notifications
Possibility for the guardian to set up automatic allowance transfers or instantly add money to the child’s account
Opportunity to use the card for purchases and withdrawing money at ATMs

Three simple steps to open an account

  • Make the necessary preparations for the meeting
  • Book a meeting in the most suitable branch and time
  • Visit the branch to sign the customer agreement and gain access to the internet bank and mobile app, as well as apply for the child’s card

Preperations for the meeting

  If the child is 6 to– 15 years old If the child is 16 to– 17 years old
Parent (guardian) has to be present in the meeting Yes Not mandatory. However, guardian’s presence is needed if you wish to set up Smart-ID for the child.
Child has to be present in the meeting Not mandatory, as the guardian can open an account for the child without the child’s presence. However, child’s presence is needed if you wish to set up Smart-ID for the child. To open an account, either the guardian or the child needs to be present. However, to set up Smart-ID for the child, both parties need to be present
Visitors has to have ID documents Yes. Both the guardian’s and the child’s documents. Yes
Visitor has to have child’s birth certificate Birth certificate is needed in cases when the guardian’s passport does not have an entry about a child. Birth certificate is needed if the guardian is opening an account for the child and the passport does not have an entry about a child

For the stability of your childs’ future

  • Savings for your child’s future
  • Insurance that provides financial support in case of traumas

Online support is available any way you prefer

We invite 9 – 12 grades to remotely participate in interactive financial literacy lectures

  • Career planning
  • 50/30/20 rule for income budgeting
  • Investment objectives and opportunities