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Card transaction dispute


To dispute any card transaction via the internet bank

  1. Open the account statement and select the transaction you would like to dispute.
  2. Upon opening the transaction, choose “Dispute the transaction” from the menu. As you proceed, a claims application with possible reasons for dispute will open.
  3. Fill in the required information and select “Send”.

If you have additional documents about the disputed transaction (such as, receipts, correspondence with the merchant, etc.), please email them to the address or submit them in person at SEB customer service points.

If you do not use our internet bank, you may dispute the transaction at SEB customer service points.

Application shall be deemed received by us:

  • on the current working day if the application is submitted and received before 16:00;
  • on the next working day if the application is submitted after 16:00.

In case working day is shortened according to the law, the above deadline shall be one hour prior to end of the shortened working day.

Before filling in the claim, the following should be taken into account:

  • If you have a problem with the merchant regarding the ordered goods/services (the received product is damaged; the product/service does not match the ordered one), then the case should first be resolved with the relevant merchant, keeping all the relevant correspondence;
  • If your card data have been registered at an internet merchant providing regular transactions (such as the game environment, antivirus programmes, etc.) that you no longer want to use, you must first unsubscribe from receiving this service in the future, because you may not challenge card transactions before unsubscribing from the service;
  • Hotel or rental car lease transactions can include additional costs that are not shown when making the payment. Before disputing the transaction we encourage you to first resolve the case with the service provider.

By submitting a claims application you agree:

  • To cooperate with the bank in the investigation and submit all necessary documents to the bank, even if the disputed transaction amount has been repaid to your account;
  • If during the investigation the bank repays the amount of the disputed transactions to your account, however, as a result of the investigation it is concluded that the claim is ungrounded, the bank shall have the right to withhold, without giving prior notice, the amount of the contested transaction as well as the commission charge from any of your accounts for the examination of the ungrounded claim in accordance with the bank's service price list.

If the bank has reasonable grounds for suspecting fraud on the part of the account holder or the cardholder, it shall have the right to report its suspicions to the law enforcement and/or supervisory authority.

According to the regulations of the international payment card organizations, the examination of the claims related to card transactions can take up to two months due to the communication with banks and merchants.

The bank will contact you and inform you about the progress of the examination of the claim.