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Apple Pay – secure and fast way to pay in stores, apps and online

  • Available on iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Mac and MacBook devices with Face ID or Touch ID functionality 
  • Any type of activated Mastercard payment card can be used
  • Apple Pay is the easier, safer way to pay in stores, in apps, and on websites
  • Download the SEB mobile app for iOS from App Store (v4.0.72 or higher required)

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How can I add my card to Apple Wallet?

  • On iPhone – download or update SEB mobile app to the latest version, go to cards section and tap Add to Apple Wallet.
  • You can also add your card via the Wallet app by tapping “+” / Add to Wallet. 


How to pay with Apple Pay?

In stores

  • Double click the side button of iPhone or Apple Watch to activate your device for payment. Hold iPhone or Apple Watch close to the POS terminal. Once the checkmark appears on your device the transaction is complete.
  • Settings and payment limits of your ordinary card are also applied to the card’s digital version in Apple Pay. The only exception is that there is no contactless payment limit set for your card’s digital version in the Apple Pay.
  • Use Apple Pay wherever you see one of these symbols

In apps or online

  • On your Safari browser – select Apple Pay as the payment method at checkout.
  • Settings and payment limits of your ordinary card are also applied to the card’s digital version in Apple Pay.
  • Using Apple Pay in apps and online is convenient, as it allows you to skip creating an account or filling in lengthy application forms.

No extra charges are applied for Apple Pay transactions. Enjoy all the benefits of your payment card with Apple Pay on iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac.

Frequently asked questions

Adding your card to Apple Pay is simple. Here’s how to get started.   

  • On iPhone, open the Wallet app and tap the “+” sign.   
  • For Apple Watch, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and select “Wallet & Apple Pay,” then tap “Add Credit or Debit Card.”    
  • On iPad, go to Settings, open “Wallet & Apple Pay,” and select “Add Credit or Debit Card.”    
  • On MacBook Pro with Touch ID, go to System Preferences, select “Wallet & Apple Pay,” then select “Add Card.”  

Apple Pay is more secure, than using physical cards. Face ID, Touch ID or your passcode is used for purchases on iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac or iPad. 

The card number is never by Apple. Neither Apple nor your device will send your card number to the merchant you are shopping with when you pay in stores. When you pay online or in apps, the shop only receives information that you provide to complete the order.

Customers can suspend or delete the cards through iCloud or place a request with SEB customer care (call center) to suspend or delete the digital cards.

  • You can manage the digital versions of your cards using the Apple Wallet or Watch apps, or device’s “Wallet & Apple Pay” menu.
  • To identify the digital version of the card, view its last four digits – they are the same as for your ordinary card.  
  • If you have added multiple cards to your Apple Wallet, you can select and change the default card used for payments by moving it to front of your cards. 
  • To view the card’s transaction history, tap on the card – the last 10 transactions made with the card’s digital version will be displayed. Please note that if you are using digital versions of a single card on multiple Apple devices, the transaction history is not shared, and you can view transaction history only for the specific device. 
  • To view more information about the card, tap on it and select “…” at the top. A menu will open where you can view information about the digital version of your card, including the last four digits of the digital card number (Device Account Number) that will be indicated on the payment receipts. Here you can also manage transaction history and notifications, as well as remove the card if necessary.

Apple Pay is disabled on iPads used for education or if a child on a family iCloud account is under 13 years old.

Apple Pay is available for customers 13 years and older in Latvia and Estonia, 14 years and older in Lithuania.