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Digital coin jar

Digital coin jar

Make savings by paying with card

  • Digital solution for savings
  • The more you pay with a card, the more you save
  • Manage your savings in the internet bank or mobile app

Digital coin jar is a free solution for saving money – it rounds up the card payments to the next full euro and transfers the difference between rounded and paid sum to your savings deposit. This way you gradually grow your savings.

The basic principle of the Digital coin jar is simple. For example, if you make a payment of 6.40 euro with your debit card, 60 cents will be transferred to your savings deposit (7.00 euros – 6.40 euros = 0.60 euros). With the Digital coin jar calculator in your internet bank you can find out the amount you would have saved in the previous month.

Money will be transferred to your savings deposit once the reserved payments on your current account are executed. The money will be transferred in one payment in the morning of the next working day.

You can choose to make savings with the Digital coin jar in an already existing savings deposit, or to open a new savings deposit.

You can withdraw the money saved in your savings deposit. This service is free of charge if you request the transfer 3 calendar days in advance. If you wish to withdraw money immediately, there is a charge according to the price list.

Digital coin jar in SEB mobile app

The SEB mobile app gives you even more possibilities to manage your savings and Digital coin jar. In the app you can:

  • Set your savings goal and target amount
  • Personalise your goal and follow the progress
  • Conveniently transfer money to savings deposit and withdraw money from it
  • Close the Digital coin jar or open it again, without closing your savings deposit

You have to be at least 18 years old to open the Digital coin jar.

You can apply for the Digital coin jar in the internet bank’s section Savings/Pension ⇒ Deposits ⇒ Digital coin jar.

To apply for the service, a euro-denominated current account and savings deposit is required. If you do not have a savings deposit, you can conveniently open it during the set up of the Digital coin jar.

Bank's annual interest rate for storage of funds in a Savings deposit

Minimum balance to receive interest - 0.01 EUR, 0.01 USD

Standard rate 0,05%  0,05% 

Effective as of 06.01.2021

Services Fees

Funds transfer from Current Account to Savings deposit, or cash deposit through branch office

In accordance of the General Price list section "Payments" or “Cash Transactions

Money transfer from a Savings deposit

With a prior request via Internet bank or in a branch in EUR or USD
(The transfer request must be submitted 3 calendar days in advance)
Free of charge
Without a prior request via Internet bank or in a branch in EUR or USD 0,5%, min 1.00 EUR 



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